Downton Abbey 602 recap
Anna (Joanne Froggatt) and Bates (Brendan Coyle) finally hear some hopeful news in "Downton Abbey" Season 6, episode 2. Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2015 for "Masterpiece"

Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) seemed to be in everyone’s business in “Downton Abbey” Season 6, episode 2. The single mother found a way to involve herself in Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) and Mrs. Hughes’ (Phyllis Logan) wedding, Anna’s (Joanne Froggatt) medical issues and even, unbeknownst to her, Edith’s (Laura Carmichael) custody situation.

The wedding planner: Robert (Hugh Bonneville) and Mary want to have Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ wedding at Downton, but the servants don’t want to get married at work. “It may be where we work, but it’s not who we are,” Mrs. Hughes says.

Mary doesn’t take the refusal well. She tells Carson that she’ll convince his fiancée that the Great Hall is the best place for their nuptials. Mrs. Hughes is angry that Carson hasn’t turned down the offer. The butler explains that Downton holds more meaning for him than the schoolhouse, but they still haven’t agreed on a location.

Barrow’s job hunt: Barrow (Rob James-Collier) is still worried that he could be fired when the household downsizes. Carson says it couldn’t hurt for Barrow to look for a new job. He interviews for an assistant butler position, but he isn’t excited when he hears that he’ll have to be a valet, chauffeur, underbutler and more.

Barrow seems to hope that a new staff member, Andrew (Michael Fox), will be a distraction. Unfortunately, Andrew doesn’t seem even slightly interested in the older man. Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol) even warns Barrow to “be sensible” around the new kid.

Downton 602 recap
Barrow (Rob James-Collier) had a horrible job interview in "Downton Abbey" Season 6, episode 2. Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2015 for "Masterpiece"

Anna’s appointment: Anna confides in Mary that she can’t have children. Bates (Brendan Coyle) brings up the idea of adoption, but Anna knows that isn’t really what he wants. Mary says Anna should see a doctor. They go to London, and they’re told that a simple surgery during Anna’s next pregnancy could save the baby. Anna doesn’t tell Bates the news as soon as she comes home, but her husband notices how happy she is.

A kidnapping: Mary wants to take the kids to the Drewe farm to see the pigs while she handles some business there. It makes Edith uncomfortable, but she can’t tell Mary the truth about why. They go, and it’s clear that Mrs. Drewe (Emma Lowndes) is still attached to Marigold. She gets very emotional when Mary takes the child away.

Robert sees Mr. Drewe (Andrew Scarborough) and wonders if his family can handle being so close to Marigold, whom they raised as their own for some time last year. The farmer promises that they can deal with it, but he may have spoken for his wife too soon.

At the pig show, Marigold disappears. The family and staff start frantically looking for her, but Mr. Drewe realizes his wife has also gone missing. He takes Edith and her parents to the farmhouse to find Mrs. Drewe holding Marigold. She claims that no one was paying attention to the little girl. Mr. Drewe brings her back to Edith, and he knows that he has to start looking for another employer.

Elsewhere in “Downton Abbey” Season 6, episode 2:

  • Mary thinks Rose (Lily James) is pregnant because her cousin can’t confirm when she’ll visit yet.
  • Violet (Maggie Smith) and Isobel (Penelope Wilton) still disagree about how the hospital should be run. Robert even avoids telling Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) about a meeting to avoid “blood on the carpet.”
  • Daisy (Sophie McShera) asks Cora to help Mr. Mason. Cora has an idea that she won’t share. Perhaps Mr. Mason can fill Mr. Drewe’s job?

“Downton Abbey” Season 6, the final season, airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on PBS.