Michelle Dockery seems to have left her manners at “Downton Abbey.” In the first trailer for her new show, “Good Behavior,” she is shown smoking, drinking and impersonating other people — a character very unlike the aristocratic Lady Mary.

The TNT drama follows Letty Dobesh, a con artist who has just left prison. When she hears a hit man being hired to kill a man’s wife, she decides she must stop him. Ultimately, she get into a “dangerous and seductive relationship” with the killer, according to the synopsis.

In the trailer, it’s pretty clear that Letty is a mess. Aside from being a criminal, she definitely has drinking and smoking problems. She also isn’t sure where her morals are. “If you saw somebody on the side of the road, would you pull over and help?” she asks someone. However, it looks like Letty might have a heart, despite her flaws. She warns a woman that she is going to be killed in the trailer.

The “Good Behavior” trailer can be seen in the TNT promo video below along with the “Animal Kingdom” and “The Alienist” trailers:

“ ‘Good Behavior’ and ‘Animal Kingdom’ are muscular, distinct dramas that will define the new direction of TNT,” original programming executive vice president Sarah Aubrey said in a statement (via TV Line) when the shows were greenlit last month. “We believe audiences will love watching Michelle Dockery trade in her manners for the life of a sexy, complex ex-con in ‘Good Behavior.’ ”

Dockery’s other series will finish airing in the U.S. before her new drama hits the small screen. “Downton Abbey” Season 6 only just started, and audience still have a couple more months of adventures with the proper Lady Mary before watching Dockery trade her pearls for a shotgun.

“Good Behavior” is based on Blake Crouch’s “Letty Dobesh” book series. Season 1 will premiere this summer on TNT.