The British period drama Downton Abbey seems to have achieved the impossible. Not only did it get Americans to watch PBS, it was also named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most critically praised English language show ever! The Emmy winning series, which starts out in 1912 and has so far stretched until 1920, was also spoofed by Saturday Night Live this year, the ultimate compliment. 

One star who has risen to fame since the show aired is Dan Stevens. Stevens stars as the out of place lawyer, Matthew Crawley, whose in love with Mary (the eldest daughter of the Downton household).  The Washington Post is reporting that the actor just wrapped filming a titillating melodrama. The British film seems to have all the scandal and intrigue that fans of Downton can't get enough of. Entitled  Summer in February, it centers on a love triangle during the Edwardian era. The role was a difficult one to take on after the distressing scenes he had to portray as Matthew last season. For this reason, Stevens is eager to star in a comedy. According to the Associated Press he would like to do something modern and possibly funny.

Sadly, fans of the series have a long wait for the premiere of season 3. Until then, here are 5 interesting facts that every Downton fan should know about Stevens.