Dr. Miami Michael Salzhauer
Dr. Miami's favorite part of the body is a woman's booty, which is fitting since the plastic surgery procedure he is best known for is the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL. WEtv

Florida plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, who is best known as Dr. Miami, dabbled in music when he made his first song, “Flawless,” with Adam Barta last month. Since it was shared on YouTube March 31, it garnered more than 11,000 views and shot to the top of iTunes.

Even though he made a name for himself as the celebrity doctor who posts his surgeries to Snapchat, Dr. Miami always loved music. “I was in a band in college,” he said during a YouTube Live interview with International Business Times. “I’ve always had a passion for [music]. Obviously, that took a back seat to my surgical training, my practice and my family life. Now, I’ve reached a more comfortable place in my midlife, so I’m reawakening my childhood and adolescent passions.”

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Dr. Miami “absolutely” wants to make more songs in the future. “It was fun,” he said.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most people who follow the famous surgeon on Snapchat, but his favorite song is “Trap Queen” by rapper Fetty Wap. “It’s one of the greatest love songs of the 21st century,” he said. “It’s literally the love song of our generation.”

One of the things Dr. Miami liked most about his foray into the music industry was “feeling like a rapper.”

Currently, music is just one of the many things Dr. Miami is doing. He also has a reality show on WEtv, which is simply named, “Dr. Miami.” It’s essentially an extension of his Snapchat account.

“It’s a great show. It’s fun. It’s not like other plastic surgery shows,” he told IBT. “I spoke with someone today. She said she cried three times in the premiere.”

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Dr. Miami, who is best known for performing Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), said the show is inspirational. “If you’re someone who has ever thought about having plastic surgery, been through self-esteem issues or bullied, you will identify. I know I identify with the patients.”

Salzhauer calls his patients “Beauty Warriors” because, as he said, people have to be brave to go forward with plastic surgery. “What I do are things people cannot accomplish at the gym,” the Florida-based doctor told International Business Times in a separate interview last month. “You need courage to do it. That’s the warrior part. The idea is to make someone feel beautiful, or as beautiful as they can be. I can enhance what people have.”

Don’t miss “Dr. Miami” when it airs Friday at 10 p.m. EDT on WEtv.

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