• Moro alters the planet’s energy
  • Goku needs to destroy the crystal to beat Moro
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 is releasing Friday, Nov. 20

Moro becomes a bigger threat to the Dragon team after the villain fused himself with Earth. Goku and company cannot kill Moro as that would destroy the planet. Now, Goku needs to find another way to beat him.

The drafts summary and titles of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 are out, hinting at the people of Earth dealing with a new kind of energy. The chapter is reportedly titled "Planet Eater Moro."

Twitter user DbsHype shared the summary and title and credited ErrenVanDuine and Inumaru08 for translations.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 starts with the fighters recovering after the battle against Moro. However, Dende notices something weird about Earth. Gohan asks others if their bodies are suddenly feeling heavy.

Apparently, there is a change after Moro fused himself with the planet. Vegeta notes that Moro’s energy absorption is the cause of heaviness. He asks his fellow fighters to move away from the ground.

Vegeta curses Goku for failing again and putting others in harm’s way. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the planet start losing their energy as Moro reveals that he owns Earth’s energy.

Goku yells at Moro and asks him to stop. However, Moro’s new form attacks him. Moro announces that he is one with the planet and Goku must prepare to face the consequences of his earlier actions.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66, Whis notices that Moro’s energy has increased and the situation is critical for the heroes. Kuririn asks if there is a way, they can still beat Moro. Whis tells him that there is one way they can defeat the planet eater but he wonders if Goku can do it.

Beerus senses the grave situation and decides to intervene. However, he needs to be quick as he doesn’t want other Gods of Destruction to find out that he helped the humans.

Just when Beerus prepares to help, Whis gets a call from the Grand Priest. Whis and Beerus are summoned by the Grand Priest regarding Merus’ disappearance.

Beerus is annoyed and tells Kuririn and the others that they need to deal with Moro themselves.

In the meantime, Whis tells Goku a way to beat Moro. He tells the Super Saiyan that he needs to destroy the crystal. However, Goku questions his abilities and wonders if he can do it. Whis reminds that he has the support of the gods and he can do it.

Elsewhere, Goku notes that Moro is getting bigger and he needs to crush the crystal before it is too late.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 is releasing Friday, Nov. 20. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

Goku from Dragon Ball Super
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