• A mysterious shooter attacks the Saiyans
  • Macki is set to reunite with Elec and Gas
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 72 is releasing on Thursday

Vegeta and Goku's epic battle against the strongest warrior of the universe is set to begin in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 72. Online leaks hint that Saiyans will face Granolah in the new episode.

Twitter user DbsHype shared the draft summary for "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 72 teasing Goku and Vegeta's arrival on Planet Cereal.

Chapter 72 begins with Vegeta, Goku and the Heeters arriving on Planet Cereal. Vegeta is surprised to see the planet in a peaceful state.

Macki informs the Saiyans that Granolah lives at the bottom of a mountain. Goku is unable to sense any strong ki while Vegeta comments Granolah might have suppressed it.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 72, Macki tells Goku and Vegeta that the Heeters will not go with them as the battle will be dangerous.

After Goku and Vegeta leave, Macki instructs Oil to keep an eye on the battle. Oil assures he will watch the entire fight and report back. He asks what Macki's plan of action is. Macki tells him she is waiting for Gas and Elec.

Elsewhere, Elec and Gas are flying over Planet Cereal as the former notes it has been 40 years since he landed on the planet. Gas comments he only has bad memories of the place.

Elec tells him things have changed. In the meantime, Goku and Vegeta are cruising through the old city, which remains in ruins.

Goku wonders if Granolah is behind the carnage. Vegeta observes the ruins look old compared to the city behind it, which is untouched. He tells Goku that Granolah may not be behind it.

As they reach near a mountain, Goku sees something and immediately dodges a ki blast. Things start to get intense when the mysterious attacker launches several blasts at them. Goku and Vegeta avoid the attacks, but the former notes the blasts are incredibly accurate and it is difficult to dodge them.

Vegeta tells Goku to focus on the source of the blasts to pinpoint the attacker's location.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 72 is scheduled to release Thursday. The chapter will be available online on Viz and Manga Plus.

Goku from Dragon Ball Super
Goku from Dragon Ball Super Phát Hữu/Flickr/