When it comes to sports, Drake usually appears to be a fan of his hometown teams, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors, but the rapper has been known to support other teams and is often called a fair weather fan.

Throughout the 2016 MLB ALCS between the Cleveland Indians and Blue Jays, Drake’s fandom has been questioned by many, including the Cleveland Cavaliers in-house DJ, DJ Steph Floss. Following the first game of the series in which the Indians won, the DJ posted an old photo of Drake wearing a Cleveland Indians jersey.

As the series continued, and the Indians eventually went up 3-0, the DJ continued to poke fun at Drake by posting photos of him wearing the jersey. The mocking of Drake  finally came to an end on Wednesday night, when the Indians won the series, 4-1, to advance to the World Series, knocking Drake’s Blue Jays out of the playoffs.

This time, DJ Steph Floss wasn’t the only one to troll Drake. Following the game, the MLB Instagram account posted a video of Drake throwing out the first pitch at an Indians game and saying he was an Indians fan. But DJ Steph Floss took it one step further, posting an extended version of the video that featured Drake discussing which MLB team he was a fan of.

“So are you a Blue Jays fan… what team do you support?” Drake was asked in the video after throwing the first pitch. “Um, I’m sort of just like a Indians fan right now… I like baseball in general. Baseball’s really good,” replied Drake.

Trevor Bauer, pitcher for the Indians, also got in on the trolling, poking fun at Drake on Twitter. “When is that new Drake single, “Circumstances,” dropping? I bet it’s [fire]. I’ll be editing footage tonight. Video coming ASAP! Stay tuned,” Bauer tweeted. The “circumstances” Bauer was referring to was from Blue Jays player Jose Bautista saying the Indians were winning “because of the circumstances.”

With baseball season over for Drake, the “One Dance” rapper can now focus on rooting for the Toronto Raptors who open up the 2016-17 NBA season on Oct. 26.