Eminem, pictured Aug. 1, 2014, is reportedly convinced he would beat Drake in a rap battle. Getty Images

While Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden said a potential rap battle between rappers Drake and Eminem was just a joke, Slim Shady is apparently taking it seriously. The “8 Mile” star is convinced he would slay Drake in a rap battle, Hollywood Life wrote in an exclusive report Thursday.

Eminem, whose birth name is Marshall Mathers, isn’t afraid to take on the “Hotline Bling” star. “Marshall knows it would be a quick knockout,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

It doesn’t mean Eminem, 43, doesn’t have respect for Drake, 29. “Marshall thinks Drake is a great studio rapper,” the source said. “He has a great sound and has plenty of hooks that are amazing. But when it comes to street rapping — battle rapping — Drizzy would get destroyed.”

Drake isn’t as convinced. As rumors swirl over a potential diss track, the “Champagne Papi” star has the advantage of being more popular at the moment. “As far as Drake‘s concerned, Em’s time has come and gone,” a source told the publication in a different story. “Drake’s sitting on top of the rap game and has been for a long time so it’s quite natural for old dog like Slim who wants to be noticed again to take a shot at the king.”

Neither rapper has spoken out about the supposed feud, but Darden reiterated that it was just a hoax. “It was such a joke and people ran with it... Slow news day. Drake got too much respect for all that,” he tweeted Thursday morning. “Facts we was joking... Talked about in jest and fools jumped out the window. I ain't even think it was a big deal.”

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