The U.S. Secret Service stopped a man from flying a recreational drone alongside President Barack Obama’s motorcade in Hawaii, reports said late Monday. The incident occurred at 4:00 p.m., local time, (9:00 p.m. EST) and was brought under control within minutes.

The operator landed the drone near himself after agents from Secret Service approached him, ABC News reported. No arrests were made in the incident, which lasted only for a few seconds. Obama's motorcade also did not alter its speed or route. The president has been on vacation in Hawaii with his family since Dec. 19.

"The Secret Service is aware of this incident. The subject was completely unaware that the Presidential motorcade would be transiting the area of operation and immediately complied with law enforcement requests to cease and desist. No charges were filed. The motorcade proceeded without further incident," the agency said in a statement late Monday, according to WABC, an ABC News affiliate for New York.

A video taken by a photojournalist on the motorcade showed an officer talking to a man in front of whom the drone was placed. The man was seen gesturing, with his hands up in the air, suggesting that he did not know what was happening with the motorcade. Soon, the officer left the location and the incident ended, ABC News reported.

Obama went to play golf Monday and spent six hours on the golf course while his motorcade later passed by the scenic Lanikai Beach, with a view of the Mokulua Islands, on the way back to his Kailua vacation house, Daily Mail reported.