• "The Last Of Us 2" is now available worldwide 
  • Naughty Dogs' Neil Druckmann in an interview did not deny the possibility of "The Last Of Us 3"
  • The creative director revealed some details about "The Last Of Us 3" including its theme and story

“The Last of Us 2” finally hit the world on Jun 19, 2020 following the game’s announcement in 2016. A week after its release, the game broke records in the U.K. in terms of sales. Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann recently shared some details on the possibility of “The Last of Us 3” and what fans could expect from it.

The spoiler-loaded interview with Naughty Dogs’ Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross was conducted by IndieWire. Both are writers of the recently released game “The Last Of Us 2.” The executives talked about a series of various things about the hit title as well as the possibility of “The Last Of Us 3,” its ending, theme, and a lot more.

When asked about the prospect of “The Last Of Us 3,” Druckmann said that if there would be another sequel, it would have to go through the same test the recently released title undergone. He added that this would happen regardless if the team could find more interesting ways to narrate the story instead of walking on the same ground as its predecessor.

The Last of Us Part II
The Last of Us Part II will be available on June 19, 2020. Only on PlayStation. thelastofusgame / Instagram

The creative director also revealed that the process was tough with “The Last Of Us 2” and predicted that it would be “exponentially” harder with “The Last Of Us 3.” Druckmann also noted that he would need to develop a story that aligns the original. He added that at present, he has no idea what that is.

“The Last Of Us 2” writer also shared that he is not ruling out the idea of “The Last of Us 3.” He added that he would consider that it would feature the story that meets the emotional core of the original and its succeeding sequel. Moreover, Druckmann said that if another sequel would not be able to do that, then there is no reason to make “The Last of Us 3.”

“The Last Of Us 2” is now available and has beaten A lot of games in terms of sales when it released in the UK. The sequel is exclusively available on Sony’s PlayStation 4.