• Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, let Prince Charles enjoy the limelight during their trip to Greece, a body language expert claimed
  • The expert noted Camilla sticks to Prince Charles or walks behind him unlike Princess Diana
  • Camilla is determined not to draw attention away from the heir apparent, the expert said

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been careful not to repeat Princess Diana's mistake when attending royal engagements with the heir apparent, Prince Charles, a body language expert claims.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess Camilla went on their first international trip of the year last week, flying to Greece to attend the Bicentenary Independence Day celebrations. Body language expert Judi James noted that their outing was completely different from Prince Charles' previous appearances with Princess Diana in terms of who dominates the spotlight.

James claimed Camilla has chosen to take a back seat and be more low-key in order to let her husband be the center of attention unlike the late Princess of Wales, who "effortlessly eclipsed" him.

"With Diana in the spotlight as Charles is now, we can see the Prince hanging back with a similar air of down-played reticence as Camilla appears to be using currently," James told Daily Mail. "With Camilla the low-key approach appears to be deliberate though, while with Charles it was clearly a source of frustration back in the day."

"As Camilla would be all too well aware, Princess Diana cited her husband’s jealousy of her popularity as one of the core reasons for the breakdown of their marriage," she claimed. "And on tour with Charles in Greece, it looks very much as though lessons have been learned and that Camilla is determined to ensure that wife number two does not make the same mistake as wife number one."

James went on to claim that Princess Diana used to overshadow Prince Charles with her "brilliantly eye-catching" outfits, adding that her "height, body language, charisma and her empathy with the crowds made her sparkle and Charles look like a damp squib." 

The expert cited one particular instance when this became obvious: Prince Charles and Princess Diana's first tour of Australia. James said she not only "dazzled visually" but also "dwarfed him intellectually" during that outing. However, things were different during Camilla and Prince Charles' recent visit to Greece.

"Camilla’s outfits are flattering but without dominating the attention," the expert continued. "She has opted for a safe navy blue when Diana would have worn daffodil yellow and bright, eye-catching pink."

James also pointed out how Princess Diana used to walk independently and ahead of Prince Charles, while Camilla usually sticks close to him and stands or walks behind him.

During the outing, Camilla looked "switched off" while Prince Charles was regally upright, James noted. The body language expert claimed this showed Camilla was not competing with her husband, but instead, they were working as a team with the future king taking the lead.

"Camilla appears to be waiting to see what Charles will do before proceeding and as a result Charles truly blossoms with this open goal in terms of stepping into the spotlight and acting like the natural star of the double act," James added.

Meanwhile, a royal author also previously commented on Princess Diana's popularity with the public and its effect on her relationship with Prince Charles. Sarah Bradford claimed Prince Charles failed to adjust to the idea of sharing the limelight with the late princess, and this caused tension in their marriage.

"He couldn’t understand that they wanted to see a beautiful woman either than a man in a suit. And that was really sad, actually," Bradford wrote in her book " Diana."

"Charles’s resentment at his wife’s popularity began to poison their relationship," she continued.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles and Camilla attend the opening of the new terminal as they arrive at Owen Roberts International Airport on March 27, 2019, in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson