• The video which was shared on TikTok in November surfaced recently
  • It has since garnered 11.3 million views and 242,400 likes
  • The coffee trend is not new as many people have already tried it 

There are many ways to flavor your coffee -- some like it with traditional mocha or seasonal pumpkin -- but coming to terms with the sight of butter coffee was a little too hard for internet users.

In a video that surfaced recently, a Dunkin Donuts employee was seen adding some butter in their signature coffee and the clip instantly became a point of heated debate.

The video, which was shared on TikTok under the handle @adabadayy on Nov. 22, shows the waitress putting some butter in a customer's coffee at the request of the latter. Captioned as "Y’all are sick," the video went viral, garnering 11.3 million views and 242,400 likes to date.

In the video, the woman is seen scooping some butter and combining it with the coffee and waiting for it to melt before serving. "When a customer asks for butter in his coffee," the video's description reads.

The video divided internet users in terms of opinion. While one side argued it wasn't a very interesting recipe for the caffeine addicts to try, the other side noted that there is a good reason to add butter to one's coffee because it benefits health.

"Butter is cream that’s been shaken and drained," a user, @kalakeene, wrote in the comment section. "One time a customer asked for SALT in his coffee," wrote @nicollee.da. "We’ll ask them politely but firmly to leave," @superheavysamurai wrote in the comment section.

It's not like people have not tried their hand at putting butter in coffee. Many celebs, including Joe Rogan and Halley Barrey, branded it as a healthy fusion. Many lean on butter coffee, something which is made by combining butter and MCT oil (a synthetic oil rich in medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs) with black coffee. It is believed that MCT oil is good for boosting metabolism and therefore supports weight loss.

"It’s called bullet coffee! Actually great for digestion," one user, named @kirtitewani, noted in the comments.

Nick's Coffee Karamell
Nick's Coffee Karamell