• A 21-year-old man was arrested for the alleged carjacking of an off-duty Memphis Police Department officer Thursday
  • The man and an accomplice allegedly stole the officer’s 2017 white Chevy Malibu and some police equipment
  • He admitted to carjacking and robbing a man following his arrest, police said

A 21-year-old man was arrested Saturday in connection with the alleged carjacking of an off-duty police officer in Memphis, Tennessee.

The man, identified as Arnold Rubi, was arrested after he and another suspect allegedly stole an off-duty Memphis Police Department officer’s 2017 white Chevy Malibu and some police equipment Thursday, Fox 13 reported.

Rubi and another man allegedly forced the unnamed man out of his vehicle on Myrna Lane, according to a police affidavit obtained by the news outlet. They allegedly also took the officer’s wallet at gunpoint before speeding off.

On Friday, another unnamed man driving a 2006 Ford Mustang told police that he was run off the road by two men inside a white Chevy Malibu in the area of Lamar and Holmes, according to the report.

After the two men ran him off the road, both got out and allegedly told the victim to exit his vehicle. They allegedly took the cash the man had in his pocket. However, they were unable to steal the victim’s car after failing to get it in gear, police said.

Later that day, police tracked down the stolen Chevy Malibu, according to the affidavit.

Rubi admitted to carjacking and robbing a man on Myrna Lane, police said. He claimed that his accomplice tried to steal the car at Lamar and Holmes.

Rubi is facing charges of carjacking, attempted carjacking, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and employment of firearm during commission of a dangerous felony.

Police have not said if the second unidentified suspect has been arrested.

People who live in the neighborhood where the carjacking occurred believe that this incident was a sign of the increasing crime rate in Memphis, Fox 13 reported. Resident Timothy Crosby pointed out how anyone is now able to get a gun without a permit.

”It just shows you how bad crime is getting now everybody is going to be able to get a gun without a permit that’s just damn dumb within itself,” Crosby told the outlet. ”You have kids that steal cars drive around the neighborhood but not carjackings.”

Based on records from the Memphis public safety online database, two car thefts have occurred within a mile radius of the neighborhood in the last six months.

Representational image Photo by Pixabay (CC0)