Dwayne Johnson talks about transitioning from wrestling to acting, and also about his new TV show "Ballers." Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

HBO's new TV series “Ballers” is about a retired football player transitioning to a new role. Dwayne Johnson, who stars, recently talked about the show and his life in a recent interview with Esquire.

Johnson explained how he had only $7 in his pocket when people around him seemed to be living the dream life that he wished to achieve. The name of his production company is Seven Bucks Productions and the actor said the name has a lot of meaning for him.

The actor also talked about transitioning from a pro wrestler to an actor. He explained that many wrestlers fail to realize that they have a limited shelf life, so he took a chance and pursued acting to extend his career.

As for “Ballers,” the actor said the interviewer would “get a kick out of it.” He said his character, Spencer Strasmore, is everything that he dreamed of being in real life. He talked about how he wanted to be an All-Pro NFL player and make a lot of money so he could buy a house for his parents.

In a separate interview with HBO, posted on its YouTube channel, Johnson described how Spencer is a former NFL player who transitions into a career of helping football players with their financial decisions. After having a successful career as a player, Spencer will now have to “monetize” his friendships.

The first two episodes of “Ballers” have already aired and Season 1 will have a total of 10 episodes. Johnson said that Spencer is keen on succeeding in his new career. The actor also teased that there will be some dramatic elements to Spencer and despite his problems the character is “hungry” to go after what he wants, while getting better as a person.

Source – YouTube/ HBO