At its E3 2015 keynote, Sony blew away its fans when it announced an upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most popular titles from the original PlayStation console.

The electronics company didn't deliver many details about the project, such as a release date, but it did say that the remake will be first available to users of the PlayStation 4 game console. For years there have been rumors of a high-definition remake of the nearly two decade-old video game, and finally, those rumors have been confirmed. You can watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming remake in the video below. 

Besides Final Fantasy VII, Sony also announced a series of exclusive games, early releases and playable missions on a variety of games that will be available for its users. Those include a beta for the game Hitman for PlayStation users who pre-order the game, Sony-exclusive missions for the game Batman: Arkham Knight, which goes on sale next week, and early access to a multiplayer beta this August for Call of Duty Black Ops 3