If you have an EA that is capable to send email signals then you need to setup MetaTrader 4 platform to make this happen. The following simple steps can help you to setup MT4 for this purpose.

1. Start MetaTrader 4 (MT4).
2. From the Tools menu select Options. You may alternatively press Ctrl+O.

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3. Select the Enable option.
4. In the SMTP server box enter the URL (the internet address) of your SMTP server. You can consult your email service provider for more information about this option. If you are using Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook you can find this information in Account settings. The numbers that come after the colon : and the colon itself are optional. The numbers refer to the port that you want to use for sending out the email signals. You may drop this part and just enter the SMTP server URL. If you drop this part MT4 uses the default port to send out emails.
5. In the SMTP login box enter the actual email address that you want to use to send out your emails.
6. In the SMTP password box type in the password you need to use to login to your email account. This is the same password you use to see your emails.
7. In the From box type in the email Name and Address that the recipient of the email would see. For example if you type in John Smith, js@yahoo.com the recipient of the email sees the Name John Smith and js@yahoo.com. in their From box. Should he/she decide to reply to the email signal the email will be sent to this email address. You may skip entering the name and just enter the email address.
8. In the To box enter the email address of the recipient. This could be an email address that belongs to you and/or somebody else.
9. Click OK to save the settings and exit this dialog box.
10. The Options dialog box appears. Select the Email tab (see image).

You may return to the dialog box and click Test to see if the setup works correctly. When you click Test you can refer to the Journal tab to see if the message is sent without problem. Then later on of course you need to make sure that the recipient has actually received the email.

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