When it comes to losing weight and avoiding junk as part of a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing more frustrating than the confusing labels out there in the market. While one may easily cut carbs from their diet and lose some weight, the approach is not sustainable. Fortunately, there are some weight loss alternatives to dieting, such as maintaining a calorie deficit and burning more energy through physical activity.

What is a calorie deficit?

In layman's terms, a calorie deficit occurs when a person consumes fewer calories than their maintenance calories. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds would have maintenance of around 2,100 calories, and if they consume 1,700 calories, they will be in a 400-calorie deficit; this calorie reduction results in fat loss over time.

To find out maintenance calories, one may make use of calorie calculators available online. Such calculators estimate maintenance calories based on an individual's weight, sex, age, height, and physical activity level.

How to burn calories?

The best way to burn calories is by moving more and spending some time walking. According to Healthline, if the goal is to shed a few pounds, walking 10,000 steps per day can be an ideal approach.

So here's how one can incorporate walking into their lifestyle.

Yes to stairs

One of the best ways individuals can increase their daily step count is by taking stairs everywhere they go, be it office, gym, or metro station. Stairs are free of cost exercise that enables one to add some physical activity in a day. Taking stairs increases leg strength while also promoting bone, muscle, and joint health. Stair climbing is also a great aerobic activity that helps keep cardiovascular health in check while also burning calories.

Park further away

Individuals often waste time looking for safe parking spaces near their workplaces. Instead, one can park their car five minutes away from their destination and walk the remaining five minutes. This way walking will no longer be perceived as a task, and one can easily increase their step count. Moreover, this could be practiced in the case of drive-throughs as well.

No to online shopping

Even if one has free delivery memberships and they prefer online shopping to mall shopping, it's time to make a change and add some steps to the shopping list. To begin, look for places nearby and if possible, walk to the supermarket. Second, if there are multiple levels, do some laps by taking the stairs. Finally, carrying all of the groceries at home will provide an excellent strength workout.

Dog walking

Walking the dog does not have to be another part of the daily routine; rather, it should be viewed as a fun way to increase the daily step count. Walking the dog twice a day, once in the morning for 30 minutes and once at night after supper, can significantly raise one's step count. As reported by my pacer, dog owners spent an average of 22 extra minutes of walking per day – adding 2,760 additional steps.

Cardio on phone

Imagine spending eight to nine hours a day in front of a screen and using half of that time to boost step count. All one need is an hourly reminder to get up and walk around. People can also play smart and take all those voice calls, zoom calls, and interview requests while walking. For those who enjoy long conversations with loved ones, this can be a very enjoyable and effective way to up the step count.

By making minor lifestyle changes, one can easily increase their daily step count. Remember that losing weight is a long-term process, and visible results may take time. Set small, attainable goals for oneself to effectively achieve those targets.

Representation. A jogger. Pixabay