• The video was shared by Indian actor Vidyut Jammwal on his Instagram handle
  • The actor captioned the video post as “I Love My India" 
  • Some users criticized the actor for promoting the video

We come across hundreds of animal videos on the internet every day. While some of them are adorable and drive our blues away, the others leave us shocked. One such video that has left netizens stunned is that of an elderly man inserting a live snake into his nose and then taking the reptile out from his mouth.

The clip, shared by Indian actor Vidyut Jammwal on his Instagram handle Saturday, shows the man sitting while holding a snake in his hands. He then closes his eyes and slowly begins to insert the reptile into his nose. Seconds later, he opens his eyes and pulls out the snake from his mouth.

Warning: Graphic content

"I love My India," Jammwal captioned the video post. The clip, which has since gone viral with over two million views, received mixed responses from Instagram users.

Some people found it “amazing” and thanked the actor for sharing the video.

"Incredible peoples (sic). Omg the way he done that after it he is behaving like so normal. It's just amazing and scary to… I would like to thank you for sharing. We should support this kind of people," one user wrote.

"If done with caution what is wrong in this act, snake is alive, man is fine," another person commented.

Other Instagram users called it animal abuse and criticized the actor for promoting it.

"Sir, not giving any kind of hate but this is very much an animal abuse ...and should not be pampered at all," one user wrote.

"We all love our country sir.. but this act, we should not support. The poor creature feels a lot of friction and stress when it is inserted into the tract like this... It experiences this act everyday I guess. Not good," another person commented.

"It's outright illegal under wildlife protection act," wrote one.

The exact location of the video and the species of the snake were not known.

In May, a video of an Indian man eating a dead snake "to protect himself from coronavirus" went viral on social media. The man was eventually arrested.

Representational image pixabay