• The incident that took place in Durban, South Africa
  • The man was reversing his car down the driveway when the snake appeared on the windscreen
  • Snake catcher arrived at the scene and safely removed the reptile 

A snake gave quite a fright to a car's driver in Durban, South Africa, after it suddenly appeared on the vehicle's windscreen, leaving the man startled. The man was reportedly reversing his car down a driveway when he found the hitchhiking snake on the vehicle.

Snake catcher Nick Evans took to Facebook Wednesday to narrate the incident that took place. He said that after the man noticed the snake, he continued reversing down the driveway and "when he pulled up alongside his driveway gate, the snake moved off onto that."

The man immediately called Evans, who arrived at the residence to rescue the vine snake. Luckily when Evans arrived, the reptile was still on the gate so it was easy for him to catch it.

"When I arrived, the snake was sitting still on the gate, fairly relaxed. I managed to scoop it off with my hook stick and get it in a bucket with relative ease," Evans wrote.

"These snakes are calm if left alone, and fairly calm when captured by a snake handler with a hook. Although should one grab their tail, or grab their body with tongs, they can get pretty grumpy!" he added.

Evans called the snake a "beautiful specimen" and said it was about 3 feet in length.

Speaking about vine snakes, also known as twig snakes, Evans said that they are highly venomous, with a potent haemotoxic venom. He added that the snake doesn’t usually bite unless it is being harassed.

The snake catcher went on to say that though they are quite common in the area, they are not seen due to their camouflage.

"Even on a windscreen, it can just look like a twig fell on it!" he wrote.

Vine snakes are bright green or pale brownish in color and often feast on lizards and nesting birds.

Evans also shared a few photos of the reptile on the car’s windshield and the gate. The photos have since gone viral, with some people saying that the snake looked "grumpy" in the photos.

"Instant heart attack if I looked up and saw any snake looking back at me through the windscreen. But you are correct they are truly beautiful," one user commented.

Snake Pixabay