History will be made on Nov. 8 when America elects either the first woman president or the first president without any public-sector experience.

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both hold campaign parties in New York City, with Clinton's taking place at the Jacob K. Javitz Center and Trump's at the New York Hilton Midtown. Hundreds are expected to gather as they watch election results.

But politicians aren't the only ones celebrating. Election Night has become an excuse to gather and carouse, with an opportunity to eat, drink and talk politics while watching the network news.

Sure it's a school night, but here are some tips to throw an election party in style.

Do Some Prep Work

Find out when the first polls close in your state and nationally. The party should start before then so it'll be in full swing by the time the votes start coming in. Send out Facebook invitations so guests know when to arrive and where to go. The host should be informed about which states are important battleground states, and what are the important state elections. Knowing which areas to watch will make Election Night more interesting instead of just waiting for all polls to close. 

Spruce Up The Digs

Start with the party's decorations and perhaps offer hats and buttons. Mimicking a 4th of July theme is easy enough and makes sense for Election Night. Patriotic balloons, banners and anything elephant or donkey-themed to represent both parties will work and guests may feel they are at a political party's headquarters. By keeping the atmosphere bipartisan, there is a slimmer chance of heated arguments. 

Get The Guests Involved

Offering printable maps and red and blue crayons to allow guests to follow the action when a state closes is an easy way to keep guests interested.

Another fun idea is holding your own party-wide vote. Ask guests to anonymously cast their ballot into a sealed box as they arrive. Break open the results right before or after the country's or your state's vote comes in to see how your group matches up.

Play Some Trivia

Political junkies love to test their knowledge. Consider using Sporcle to come up with brain teasers. Depending on the demographics of the party guests, maybe a light-hearted Democrats vs. Republicans game might provide plenty of entertainment.

Crank Out  Some Tunes

Devise an election night playlist featuring America-themed tunes to keep the atmosphere patriotic, and perhaps tune out some annoying TV anchors. Some good options are Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Fleetwood Mac, and Brooks & Dunn. 

Party Food And Beverages

No party is complete without something to snack on. Stick with American colors for the food. Offer snacks like red, white and blue M&M's and red and blue cocktails for guests to sip while they wait. For more sustenance and less work, make it potluck style and invite guests to bring their own specialty dishes. State themed foods like popcorn for Illinois, macaroni and cheese for Wisconsin and crab cakes for Maryland are a fun way to keep the bites election-themed.

Consider Neighborhood Bars

Many bars and restaurants across the country are having election night specials. If the party starts to fizzle, think about finding a local watering hole with their own festivities and hunker down for the night.