Lucy Liu as Joan
“Elementary” star Lucy Liu said that she enjoyed directing Season 5, episode 22 of the CBS series. CBS

Last Sunday’s Season 5, episode 22 of “Elementary” was directed by series star Lucy Liu. And although it was already her fourth time directing an episode of the CBS series, the actress said that her latest stint in the director’s chair was still a challenge.

“I wouldn’t say it gets easier, but having more experience directing and acting simultaneously now does help me to stay organized and know what to expect,” Liu told CBS of directing the episode while also starring in it.

Liu, who plays Joan Watson on the crime drama, said that the cast and crew had been very supportive of her during the entire process. “I’m incredibly lucky to have such a top rate cast and crew to help me,” the “Kill Bill” actress said. “I love being able to implement decisions from the outside and then see them realized from the inside — it’s exciting and such an adrenaline rush once we actually begin filming. Directing is truly a passion for me.”

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When asked if she sticks to the original script or leaves room for improvisation for her fellow actors when directing, Liu said that she generally follows the script. “‘Elementary’ is a thoroughly written show and I think the writers do a great job of thinking about each scene from every angle,” Liu said. “I like to honor the work they do. [But] at the same time, we have some incredible actors in this show, and I want for them to feel free inside of their decisions for their characters as well. It’s a balancing act, but for a complicated and layered show like this, I tend to stick to the original intent from the creators.”

Liu also revealed that she had fun directing a scene on location at Chelsea Piers in New York. “We … lucked out because it was a beautiful day outside,” she said of the time they filmed on location. “The energy from the cast and crew elevated everything, so we had a good time.”

The on-location filming became even more fun for Liu when her son, Rockwell, paid her a visit on set. “My son came to visit me at the location and he had a blast playing around with all the specialty background professionals we had for that scene,” Liu recalled. “We had giant bubbles, balloon animals, jugglers, you name it! It was like a dream for him!”

Liu shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the episode on her Instagram, including a pic of herself with her son. Check out the snapshots below:

In addition to last Sunday’s episode, Liu also directed “Elementary” Season 2, episode 22 (“Paint It Black”), Season 3, episode 14 (“The Female of the Species”) and Season 4, episode 22 (“Turn It Upside Down”).

In an interview with the Associated Press ahead of her second “Elementary” directing gig in 2015, Liu said that directing has changed her perspective on things. “After having directed, you really don’t see things the same way anymore," the “Charlie’s Angels” star said at the time. “You approach things with a different eye, as a different person, ultimately.”

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“Elementary’s” next episode (Season 5, episode 23) airs on Sunday, May 14 at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.