• The use of digital marketing methods have skyrocketed with the drastic increase of e-commerce and online shopping.
  • Social media platforms are expected to emerge as one of the top purchasing channels among local and international businesses.
  • Digital Future aligned their marketing and branding services in accordance with what emerging trends predict to be the most effective marketing strategies for 2021.  

The digital marketing industry is undergoing drastic changes as an increasing number of businesses attempt to enter the digital world. With more than $110 billion spent on digital advertising in the U.S. this year alone, digital marketing methods like social media marketing, content marketing and marketing automation have taken on entirely new forms, yet according to the FTC the rules and regulations of digital marketing remain the same. 

Digital Future is a digital marketing agency that assists brands, businesses and individuals launch multifaceted digital marketing campaigns on various digital and social media platforms. In light of new trends emerging in the digital marketing industry, Just like thousands of other agencies, Digital Future readies itself to promote their clients’ interests in the drastically altered business environment we now find ourselves in. The CEO Elisha Elbaz provided the following insights with us:

Elisha Elbaz Elisha Elbaz Photo: Elisha Elbaz

Emerging trends in the digital marketing industry 

Amongst all marketing platforms, digital marketing has the potential to revitalize businesses or brands that have suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This revitalizing potential stems from several factors, one of them being the drastic hike in e-commerce and online shopping we’ve witnessed this year. With an increasing number of people living their lives online these days, international and local businesses are all turning to digital marketing as a means of reaching their targeted audiences. 

As emerging trends now stand, 2021 will see a drastic increase in the popularity of digital marketing generally speaking, but more specifically, we will see a rise in personalized targeted ads, video and content marketing and marketing automation which will allow businesses to better convert leads, generate personalized content and track their results. Social media platforms will also be used to engage and retain new customers, and platforms like Facebook and Instagram will become the top purchasing channel for many businesses. 

The new expectation for digital marketing in 2021 is personalized customer communication whether it is via social media marketing, email marketing, or video marketing. 

Digital Future’s take on emerging trends in the digital marketing industry

Digital Future was founded on the goal of value creation for everyone connected to the company, that includes its employees and providers, as well as its clients. Digital Future together with their clients work simultaneously at strengthening and growing their brand while at the same time marketing their apps and games to predetermined target audiences.  

With Digital Future, clients work together with their team to construct a uniquely-tailored marketing strategy that will achieve a client’s set of branding goals and monitor the performance of the strategy at every stage of the marketing campaign. They do this by promoting their client’s mobile apps and games and increasing brand awareness and social media growth on various platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Digital Future employs a range of digital marketing services and strategies, including branding campaigns, SEO, content marketing, video marketing, web design and almost anything else that has the potential to elevate the value of their client’s brand.

Digital Future adapted many of the services they provide to match emerging trends in the digital marketing industry, including their personalized targeted ads, video marketing, marketing automation and their web design services. They aligned the marketing strategies they offer their clients with what they predict will be the most effective strategies and platforms for 2021 based on emerging trends. 

Digital Future’s global connectivity makes it more capable of adapting to emerging trends, more so than what other digital marketing firms are capable of doing. Their background in digital platforms and mobile apps mean that their clients and the brands they aim to promote are received on a global system of interconnectivity.  

Digital Future journey 

Digital Future first opened its doors in 2016 in a small town just 35 minutes from Tel Aviv. They started as a service provider for one major client before making the transition to a fully-fledged tech-company. Digital Future works with three different projects - apps, social media and gaming, to help clients grow their brand. They are now a full-service digital marketing agency with a host of different clients, including app developers, media agencies, affiliated networks and private individuals. 

Despite going through the most challenging year in business, none of Digital Future’s team members suffered a decrease in compensation, on the contrary, there has been an increase in Digital Future’s team members. Digital Future is currently partnered with mobile performance network, Mobobeat, GlobalWide Media, Inc., and Taptica, an advertising company based in San Francisco.  

The founder of Digital Future

Elisha Elbaz first entered the business world at age 21. Since then, he has gained just over ten years of online digital marketing and brand campaigning experience. It was in 2016 that he officially founded Digital Future. 

As an entrepreneur and social media influencer, Elisha Elbaz has over the years shared his knowledge and expertise of digital marketing and branding campaigns with his clients, as well as his experience of using social media platforms like Instagram as a means of expanding his personal brand. Elisha Elbaz still intends to grow his personal brand by branching into different platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn and providing educational and valuable content for his audiences. 

The nature of digital marketing is currently in a period of transition and Digital Future is perfectly positioned in the digital marketing industry to capitalize on new market trends and more importantly, help their clients do the same. Elisha Elbaz has shown that he is very capable of growing a brand, personal or professional, in the digital age in which we now live.