If Martha Marcy May Marlene wasn't daunting enough for viewers, Elizabeth Olsen's next feature is all sorts of scary.

Olsen stars in Silent House, the American adaptation of the 2010 Spanish film La Casa Muda by Gustavo Hernandez.

Based on true events from the 1940s, Silent House takes place in real-time over 88 minutes, as a father and daughter (Olsen) find out their cottage (and whatever is making that noise upstairs) is up to no good.

Like the Spanish original, Silent House with Olsen was also shot in one single take -- no breaks, no cuts, no major edits.

The film was shot only one week after Olsen wrapped Martha Marcy May Marlene.

With that film I think the challenging part was that you're on your feet doing really long shots and it kind of reminded me of doing a play on film. The whole house was rigged like a theater and it was just an exhausting challenge, Olsen told Indiewire of the Silent House set.

The 22-year-old younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley, of course, is coming off a fantastic 2011.

Thanks to Martha Marcy May Marlene, Olsen has been nominated for a slew of major acting awards, including the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead and the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress.

While Olsen was snubbed by the recent Golden Globe announcements, many expect the young actress to be a favorite when nominations for the 84th annual Academy Awards are announced later this month.

In addition to Silent House, Olsen has three projects coming out in 2012, including yet another thriller, Red Lights, opposite Robert DeNiro, Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy.

Silent House is directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, the same team behind the 2003 horror flick, Open Water. If the new project follows its predecessor, Silent House could be another box office hit for Kentis and Lau. With a budget of $500,000, Open Water grossed more than $54 million at the box office.

Silent House, starring Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese and Eric Sheffer Stevens, opens in theaters Mar. 9. Scroll down to watch the new trailer.

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