Ellen DeGeneres will not be having any babies, her mother said in a recent interview. The poplar TV show host is married to Portia de Rossi. DeGeneres also said in previous interviews that she is not keen on having any children.

Betty DeGeneres is a former speech therapist. She recently attended the Human Rights Campaign 2019 Gala dinner, where she talked about her daughter.

When asked by Us Weekly about the possibility of Ellen having children, Betty said that her daughter “has far too much class” for that. Ellen married de Rossi in 2008 after dating her for four years, and the TV show host also previously said that she is reluctant when it comes to having babies.

Ellen said in a previous interview that she loves kids. The only problem is that she feels that having children is a big commitment.

“Like, what if I don’t like the kid?” Ellen wondered.

The other problem for her is that she would compare her children with all the talented kids she brings as guests on her show.

Although Ellen doesn’t have any plans to give her mother some grandkids, Betty loves spending time with her daughter. Betty talks to her daughter and de Rossi on the phone a lot and also attends her talk show.

Ellen and her wife may not be having any babies together, but their relationship is going strong. The TV host invited her wife on her show a few weeks back.

On “The Ellen Show,” Ellen teased her wife about the birthday gift she got from her. De Rossi bought her wife some gardening tools, and she defended her gift by explaining that her partner loves gardening.

Ellen also had a problem with her gift for Rossi. In another video, she showed the audience how she goofed up when she hired a plane to carry a sign for her wife. The host forgot to specify the font size for the sign, and the result was that the words were hardly visible when the plane passed them by.