Elon Musk’s transgender child is looking to cut ties with her father in "any way, shape or form" and has a court date scheduled to do it. As she moves to separate herself from the Musk name, her mother has made it clear that she has her back.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Justine Wilson, the mother of five of Elon’s seven children, recounted a conversation she had with 18-year-old Xavier Alexander Musk about her upbringing.

"'I had a weird childhood,' my 18 year old said to me. 'I can't believe I'm as normal-seeming as I am,'" Xavier told Wilson.

Without mentioning her ex-husband by name or Xavier's move to cut ties with him, Wilson told her child that she was “very proud” of them to which Xavier replied: “I’m proud of myself.”

Last week, it was reported that Xavier filed a request to change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson to “conform to the petitioner’s gender identity.” In addition, she also stated that she is dropping “Musk” from her name, adding that she no longer wishes to be related to her biological father “in any way, shape or form,” according to the April filing in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles, first reported by TMZ.

The teen also asked for a new birth certificate bearing her new name. The hearing for her request for a name change will take place Friday.

This news follows Musk’s firing of Tesla’s leaders for LGBT inclusion at the company as part of a company-wide layoff that saw 10% of its employees depart.

Musk himself has insisted that he supports the transgender community, but past remarks made over Twitter sparked backlash for their insensitivity.

In July 2020, Musk wrote "Pronouns suck" in a post, something that was seen as a mockery of gender-neutral pronouns that are often used to be more inclusive of trans and gender non-conforming persons. His post sparked criticism, including from his then-girlfriend Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher.

Months later in December 2020, Musk reiterated that he is a supporter of trans rights, but described the use of gender-affirming pronouns as an “aesthetic nightmare.”

Musk has also been a vocal critic of what he considers “woke” thinking, which often includes advocacy for the rights of transgender individuals. Last week, the billionaire said that he was leaning toward the Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has embraced legislation that limits the ability of educators to even discuss sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom from kindergarten to third grade.