Eminem Toni Braxton
Eminem called out many celebrities in a new, eight-minute freestyle on "Sway in the Morning" recently. Above, Eminem accepts his Grammy from Toni Braxton at the 43rd annual Grammy Awards in 2001. Reuters

Eminen is one rapper who never shies away from calling a spade a spade. In his latest freestyle, the unapologetic rapper called out Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and many other celebrities.

The "Rap God" rapper, appeared on "Sway in the Morning" and took shots at several celebrities. “I see the b----in you, Caitlyn,” Eminem rapped about transgender Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, according to Rolling Stone. "I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d--- / No disrespect, though / Not at all / No pun intended / That took a lot of b----.” Check out the video here.

He also took the opportunity to throw major shade at Azealia Banks, who made fun of the rapper's song “Shady CXVpher” in 2014. “Oh, and Azealia Banks,” Eminem rapped, "Just wanna tell ya thanks / Now I got trailer skanks sending me ballpark franks in the mail as pranks / And Hot pockets / Thanks a lot.”

Eminem also mocked Cosby, a former Jell-O salesman. The rapper accused him of raping and drugging several women. “Awful, I made monopoly off misogyny, sodomy,” Eminem raps about Cosby. "How many chocolate-y Jell-O pops could he possibly lace / Walkin’ atrocity / No wonder you scoff at me / It’s still obvious I’m as off-pudding as Bill Cosby is.”

This is what the rapper had to say about Trump. "I'm f----- worse than Donald Trump / On Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in a McDonald's drunk," he rapped. Despite the profanity-laden lyrics, the “Carry On” rapper ended by saying that his lyrics should not be taken seriously. "I just say s--- to say it," Eminem said, adding that he does not mean to attack anybody personally, and his lyrics should be taken in a “fun” way.

The Detroit rapper was on the program to promote his music for Jake Gyllenhaal's recently released boxing movie, “Southpaw.” Eminem sung "Phenomenal" and "Kings Never Die” in the movie's soundtrack.