SearchUnify is a leading Cognitive Search platform powered by AI and ML

In a smartphone-dominated world where customers expect faster searches, intelligent recommendations and sophisticated personalization of information, organizations are realizing the need for intricate software to enable ultimate customer satisfaction, through providing complex details and deep insights of products and services.

As Certified Customer Experience Professional Annette Franz said, “In a world where products and services are becoming more and more commoditized, customer experience is the only true differentiator.”

Companies run the risk of disappointing their current customers and losing potential customers if they are unable to provide employees handling sales and support service, the ability to instantly access detailed information regarding their own products and services.

In search of software to handle Big Data

Recent research by the U.S.-based global provider of market intelligence, International Data Corporation, found that an enterprise with 1000 knowledge workers loses $48,000 weekly, or $2.5 million annually, when the employees cannot locate or retrieve relevant information when required. Moreover, the research also showed that knowledge workers, in general, spend about 30% of the workday searching for information, while in the U.S. and U.K., workers, on average, spend up to 25 minutes to locate a single document.

Thus, web search has proved ineffective for organizations with massive collections of information, paving the way for the creation of software that enables speedy search among structured and unstructured information, to identify specific relevant content, and to enable its indexing, and display.

This led to the concept of enterprise search, which has been around for many years, and which is now taken to another level with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

For instance, a new enterprise search category called “Insight Engines,” is available now to enable businesses to synthesize information interactively, even proactively through absorption, organization and analysis of data. This new category is defined as "Cognitive Search," because the Big Data three Vs – Volume, Velocity and Variety – have created opportunities for AI to provide highly relevant information to the user through understanding user requirements and patterns of relationships within the data system.

SearchUnify to the fore in enabling speedy, accurate information search

For instance, SearchUnify, a cognitive-oriented search engine at the forefront of technologically-powered information searches, was an inspiration of Grazitti Interactive, a forward-looking international digital innovation leader that has enabled businesses with cloud innovation services, sales optimization and marketing automation since 2008.

The brainchild of Neeta Ramsisaria, founder of Grazitti, and Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti, SearchUnify was launched in 2016, as an AI-driven multi-platform search engine, with several important capabilities to provide smart, relevant results, such as

* Natural language processing (NLP) capability, which is the ability to understand spoken and written human language;

* Content Gap Analysis, which is the process of evaluating existing content on a topic and discovering “gaps” in that content to improve upon;

* Manual Search Optimization, which enables boosting relevant results to the top of the page manually, for higher content engagement and a richer user experience;

* Access Control , which allows a company to define who can and who cannot access the admin panel by whitelisting IP addresses.

One of the first challenges SearchUnify took head on, was to assist Vlocity, a cloud-based software provider, to resolve its self-service issues, in 2017. Using a SearchUnify AI-driven enterprise search, Vlocity achieved increased case deflection, improved support team productivity, 25% increase in self-service traffic and 20% increase in using search for self-service.

Over the past five years, SearchUnify has grown from the organization’s initial 2 employees to its current 180 employees, with a customer base of over 50 establishments.

What make SearchUnify stand out

Furthermore, the platform now includes a comprehensive suite of AI-powered applications like Agent Helper, Community Helper, Intelligent Chatbot, KCS Enabler, and Escalation Predictor, all of which speed up employees’ ability to:

*Find experts and swarm to resolve current issues

*Find previously solved cases to understand precedents

* Engage AI in handling large moderation volumes

* Reduce pressure on support staff through chatbot automated assistance, then transfer to a live agent with intelligent context

*Allow sentiment analysis to predict and prevent escalations

* Increase efficiency and accuracy with content created through Knowledge-Centered Service (KSC) methods.

Accolades and Awards for SearchUnify

The successful implementation of these apps during SearchUnify’s fledgling years, is impressive.

* Forrester, a leading global market research company has cited SearchUnify as a “Strong Performer” among the 13 most significant cognitive search engines, noting that the platform “offers strengths in applications for popular use cases, usage analytics, tuning tools, and data connectors.”

* G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website, in its Spring 2022 Grid® Report for Enterprise Search, recognized SearchUnify as a "Leader." Leaders are determined based on high levels of customer satisfaction and the likelihood to recommend ratings from real users on G2. SearchUnify was rated 100% for “Ease of doing business with” and 97% for “Quality of support.”

* The 2022 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards, the only business awards program recognizing innovation in the workplace in all 29 Asia Pacific countries, awarded SearchUnify a Gold Award for ‘Innovation in B2B Products & Services’ and a Silver Award for ‘Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service – Computer Industries. ’ In particular, the jury was impressed by innovative features like the “Escalation Predictor” which enable speedier location of information.

The Future for Enterprise Search

According to Research and Markets, the world’s largest market research store, the global enterprise search market, valued at US$4.46 billion in 2021, is expected to reach US$8.78 billion by 2027.

This indicates these search engines have significant growth potential in the future.

As SearchUnify CTO, Vishal Sharma, said, “With cognitive technology at the core of our scalable platform, we ensure that it becomes the go-to assistant for customers, support engineers, community managers, customer success managers, knowledge workers, and support managers.”