Although the “Basketball Wives” season 6 reunion episode has yet to air, cast member Evelyn Lozada is already hinting at Season 7 amidst her drama with former fiancé Carl Crawford.

On Monday, the star addressed rumors that season 6 of the series would be her last, after a fan tweeted about her alleged departure.

“@EvelynLozada Sad to here you will not be returning to #BasketballWives,” the fan wrote along with several crying face emojis. However, the reality star responded by revealing there is a chance that she could be returning to the series.

“Must be the week of fake stories lol #SlowNewsDay,” she tweeted.

Evelyn’s denial that this will be her last appearance on “Basketball Wives” comes after a story was reported alleging that the reality star has refused to give back her engagement ring to her former fiancé.

Evelyn, who called off the engagement after becoming suspicious that the former Dodgers player was cheating on her, has not returned her 14.5 carat diamond engagement ring  worth $1.4 million, and has no intention of doing so, according to TMZ.

The two became engaged in 2013 around Christmas time and were supposed to get married about three weeks ago, but the reality star called off the wedding.

In the state of California, by saying yes to the athlete’s proposal and accepting the ring, the item is seen as a conditional gift seeing as she agreed to get married. However, since she ended things, she is technically supposed to give the ring back.

Sources close to the star told the media outlet that she will not be returning the ring. Instead, she plans to keep it and pass it on to her kids. Insiders say Evelyn doesn’t expect Carl to put up much of a fight when it comes to her keeping the ring.

Since news of her split surfaced, Evelyn seems to be staying positive about her break up and has thanked fans for their support. “I just read something about your separation from carl..You keep pushing and know that greater is coming to you! Keep God first,” one fan wrote.

“Thank you!!!!” she replied.

“Never let that smile turn upside down . You have a beautiful daughter and son to keep you going,” another fan tweeted.

“I’m def smiling. Thank you so much!” she wrote.

Nowadays, Evelyn seems to be putting her focus on her children and her career. Although a new season of “Basketball Wives” has not been officially announced, the reunion airs on Monday night. At the end of most reunion episodes, it is revealed whether or not the series will becoming back for another season.

Shaunie O’Neal also has a tendency to fire cast members during the reunion. Last year, she fired Brandi Maxiell. Although Brandi made a few brief appearances on the series during Season 6, her screen time was very limited. From the looks of the promo for the upcoming episode, Jackie Christie may be the next cast member to get the boot.

In the last few episodes of the series, Jackie has been seemingly disrespectful when talking to Shaunie, who is good friends with Evelyn. In the season finale, Shaunie said she was done with Jackie. Does that mean Shaunie will fire Jackie and announce Evelyn’s return to the show or will the women be able to work out their differences?

The “Basketball Wives” Season 6 reunion episode airs Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1.