Following the “Basketball Wives” Season 6 finale, Evelyn Lozada and Ta’Kari Lee had a lot to say about Jackie Christie and her actions both on and off the series. The two women took to Instagram following the Monday night episode and expressed their opinion about the drama that transpired.

In a lengthy post, Evelyn explained that she never meant to cause drama with Jackie on the VH1 show but simply wanted to help her daughter Ta’Kari, who was in need, move on with her life.

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“When I think about the word abuse and words associated with it--slick and cunning always come to mind. Abuse comes in many forms—physical, financial, emotional and is often delivered by the people we love and least expect!” she wrote in a caption attached to a video of herself crying after reading a passage from Ta’Kari’s book.

In the excerpt, Ta’Kari explains that Jackie took issue with everything she did and made her daughter feel fat and flawed. “As a mom, unconditional love is all I know--and it is all I will ever give to my children! With that being said, I want to share that it was never my intent to return to ‘Basketball Wives’ to meddle or interfere in any cast member’s life,” Evelyn wrote.

For a majority of Season 6, Jackie and Evelyn were at war because Evelyn donated money to Ta’Kari’s Go Fund Me page. The young woman was seeking financial help after her son suffered burn injuries while attending daycare. Moved by the story, having a young son of her own, Evelyn donated the full amount of money requested which ignited a war with Jackie.

“What is disturbing and puzzling to me is how a monetary donation to a public GoFundMe page becomes volatile? I do not regret contributing and would do it again. It is difficult to speak your truth and tune out naysayers. Let me be clear--I am not attacking anyone about their parenting skills or the lack thereof,” she continued.

On her part, Ta’Kari slammed Jackie’s lies on the finale episode in which Jackie says she is in contact with Ta’Kari and she helps her daughter. “Jackie does not support me FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, OR MENTALLY,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

She went on to reveal that Jackie does not know her grandchildren and does not provide for them in any way. The young woman explained that the last time she spoke to her mother was in February 2016.

“My son was burned Sept. 20, 2016. The first time I heard from my mother, at all besides TMZ was on Dec. 10, 2016. Due to the pressure from the internet,” Ta’Kari explained.

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The woman went on to explain that although her mother sent her Christmas gifts for the children, they spoke “sporadically” for two months via text and she hasn’t heard from Jackie since.

Jackie has not responded to Ta’Kari’ or Evelyn’s post since the “Basketball Wives” Season 6 finale episode aired and has kept her comment section on Instagram disabled.

Basketball Wives “Basketball Wives” stars Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie faced off in the Season 6 finale over a donation that went to helping a small child. Photo: VH1