Batman, the ever-brooding superhero, has confronted many adversaries in his time. While he typically is only faced with one to three of the challengers per film, director and writer Matt Reeves says that is all slated to change in the "The Batman." When speaking about his new, Robert Pattinson-led project, Reeves said that the upcoming movie will feature a "rogues gallery" and as many as six antagonists could appear. Thanks to early reports, we now have an idea who they may be.


Fans have not seen Oswald Cobblepot, "The Penguin," since 1992's "Batman Returns," but according to CinemaBlend, the franchise has been waiting for the right time to bring him back. It remains unknown at this time if he would be a main or supporting character.


The last time that big screen audiences witnessed Selina Kyle, "Catwoman," was in 2012's "The Dark Knight Rises." Not much has been said thus far whether she would be more of an anti-hero-turned-ally or true rival in "The Batman," but we are expecting her to be a burglar, similar to other incarnations. It also remains to be seen if she will continue to be Batman's love interest or not.


It's been quite a while since Edward Nygma, "The Riddler," has been in a live-action movie. Jim Carrey's version of the iconic character went in a more comedic direction, but recent versions have been depicted in a more serious manner. "The Batman" is expected to focus on Bruce Wayne's detective skills, as noted by CinemaBlend, so this particular foe would work well since he tends to leave behind riddles and puzzles for the protagonist to solve.


This villain is of particular interest since he has not been seen in a live-action movie before. Garfield Lynns, "Firefly" has been through several iterations in terms of character direction over the years. Originally, he was shown to be a nemesis who lighting effects as he committed his crimes, but in recent outings, he has been presented as an arsonist who also has a fascination with flames. The TV show "Gotham" featured a female version of the character, but CinemaBlend predicts that if the character is used in "The Batman,” it will stick to a more traditional Garfield Lynns.


While this character has been taken in different directions over the years, "The Batman" may afford audiences a chance to witness Harvey Dent, "Two-Face," in both a gimmicky and serious light, according to Chasing Film. An interesting aspect of this part is that because he relies on a coin to make decisions, as dictated by which side it lands on, the potential is there for him to do something good. He is thought to be a crime boss in the upcoming film, but due to his decision-making process, it could present a scenario where he inadvertently assists Batman along the way.

Mad Hatter

Jervis Tetch, "The Mad Hatter," is another foe who has not been seen on the silver screen before. Through technology, he is able to control the minds of others, sometimes even inserting special devices in order to ensure that his victims always obey his commands. Mind control offers a new avenue for the franchise to travel down as it is unfamiliar territory.

While these remain speculations, all will ultimately be revealed when "The Batman" hits theaters on June 25, 2021.

Matt Reeves will helm “The Batman” movie. Warner Bros.