An 8-year-old boy in India has been allegedly kidnapped and murdered by his father's ex-employees who wanted to exact revenge on the latter for sacking them.

The unidentified boy from Bulandshahr, a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, went missing Friday evening and the child's father, who is a doctor, reported it to police.

"The child's father had reported the matter to the police soon after his son had gone missing on Friday evening and the police had promptly swung into action," said Vandana Sharma, a senior investigating officer.

The child's body was discovered Sunday. Two suspects have been arrested after they admitted to the kidnapping and the murder, reported NDTV.

During police interrogation, the two suspects, identified only by their first names Nijam and Shahid, said they kidnapped the child and killed him Friday night, the investigating officer said Sunday.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects used to work for the doctor at a hospital in the area. They were sacked by the doctor two years back for making some mistakes at their work. The duo decided to exact revenge on the doctor after losing their jobs, police said, The Print reported.

In a similar incident in November, a 2-year-old girl in India was allegedly kidnapped and buried alive by a neighbor who wanted to exact revenge on her parents. Police arrested the child's 35-year-old neighbor, Neelam, on charges of kidnapping and murder after she admitted to the crime. Neelam told police she decided to kill the child because the victim's father, Harpreet Singh, who was a police officer, had stopped her children from playing in the street. The woman also had an argument with Singh and his wife over some minor issue a few days before the abduction, police said.

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Representation. Police light. Pixabay