• After months of waiting, Andreas Flaten received his paycheck 
  • The man's girlfriend posted video showing a pile of oily pennies dumped on his driveway
  • The ex-employer claimed he didn’t remember dumping coins on the driveway

A Georgia man woke up to find pennies covered with oil on his driveway last week. Not a few of them but over 500 pounds of pennies — covered in oil. Someone had dumped them there in the dead of night while he slept. But why?

Andreas Flaten found the pennies on his driveway on March 12 and they were allegedly an act of petty revenge from his ex-employer for quitting his job and — this is even more weird — that the pennies were his last paycheck that was due in January.

In November last year, Flaten gave his two-week notice to his boss, Miles Walker, at Walker Luxury Autoworks. Walker became visibly upset at Flaten wanting to leave, according to WGCL-TV.

Flaten said that his boss froze for an entire minute right after he gave his two-week notice. Then, his boss stood up, placed his hands on his head, walked out of the room, and disappeared.

The reason Flaten left his job, he said, was a toxic work environment — an all too familiar story. And Staten decided that he had enough of the toxic work environment.

Flaten’s boss, Walker, told him that his final paycheck would be arriving by January. But, that didn't happen, post which Flaten contacted the Georgia Department of Labor.

After a few months, a mysterious vehicle came and dumped over 500 pounds of oil-covered pennies on Flaten’s driveway.

Flaten’s girlfriend posted a video online showing the enormous pile of oily pennies, which also included her hands coated in oil while she tried picking up the coins. People on Flaten’s girlfriend’s Instagram post called the pennies dumped onto the driveway “petty change.”

When Walker was asked about the oily pennies dumped onto Flaten’s driveway, he claimed he didn’t remember if he was the one that dumped the coins, WHDH Television station reported. He stated that all that matters, in the end, is that Flaten got the payment he was waiting for.

Flaten is doing his best at the moment to clean the oil off the pennies so he can get the pennies converted into paper money that is less difficult to handle

But for now, the oily pennies are in a large wheelbarrow inside Flaten’s garage waiting to be cleaned.

Pennies Pennies lay in a pile in Des Plaines, Illinois, July 6, 2006. Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images