“Exorcist” Season 1, episode 1 was recently reviewed by TV Line, and the publication gave the new FOX series an average grade of C+.

The episode revolved around “Sense 8” alum Alfonso Herrera’s character, Father Thomas. He is asked by parishioner Angela (Geena Davis) to talk to Katherine (Brianne Howey), a teenager whom she thinks is possessed by a demon. Episode 1 also introduces Angela’s husband Henry (Alan Ruck), who suffers from a serious condition that has left him paralyzed.

Meanwhile, the publication claimed that FOX’s new TV show isn’t really worth watching because the entire episode was not as scary as viewers were expecting it to be. However, writer Charlie Mason noted, “I don’t mean that as a diss, either – not exactly. Fox’s take on the horror classic is a quality production from top to bottom. The cast, led by ‘Sense 8’s’ Alfonso Herrera and Geena Davis is top-notch; the directing, sharp; and the effects, far more realistic than when Linda Blair famously projectile-vomited pea soup.”

On the other hand, Coming Soon reviewed the series positively. “'The Exorcist’ is tense and dark, but like the original, not oppressive. There are many moments of simple character observation and humor that serve to warm us to the actors.” The publication also claimed that the choice of theme song, “Tubular Bells,” was a good move for “Exorcist.”

Fans also had mixed reactions regarding the series even before its Sept. 23 premiere. One fan thinks that it will be a “solid A” show based on the trailers that have been released online. Another fan was surprised to learn that “Exorcist” received a C+ rating from TV Line, adding that the grade was solely based on the premiere episode. One fan promised to give “Exorcist” a chance because of her fondness for Davis. Another fan thinks that “Exorcist” will flop worse than “Dracula.”

Despite the early criticisms, executive producer Jeremy Slater told Deadline that it is not their intention to imitate the other “Exorcist” movies from several years ago. “We’re conscious of that: we can’t retell the same story. We can only make a show that you haven’t seen before with new characters,” he said.

“Exorcist” will premiere on FOX on Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. ET.

Geena Davis and Alfonso Herrera
Angela (Geena Davis) and Father Thomas (Alfonso Herrera) will work together in helping Katherine (Brianne Howey) get rid of the demonic entity that got into her body. FOX