Northern California was hit with a major winter storm Sunday that brought strong winds and snow. The storm is expected to continue into Monday.

The storm has already caused area residents to gear up their cars for snow traveling, while Southern California is set to see heavy rain on Tuesday.

“This is a pretty widespread event," said National Weather Service meteorologist Anna Wanless in Sacramento. “Most of California, if not all, will see some sort of rain and snow.”

Snowfall is expected to continue and bring up to eight feet to some of the highest evaluation points, along with continuous rain for other areas throughout the night.

Snowfall and major rainstorms are uncommon in California, which is expected to cause travel restrictions and troubles.

“This is the first big snow with those travel impacts, and it's just transitioning into that,” Wanless said.

Officials are encouraging the public to stay indoors due to flooding and rockslide warnings.

“If you are traveling through the Sierra, either get ahead of the storm before snowfall begins or wait until it’s over to get up there. It will be increasingly treacherous,” said Scott McGuire, a meteorologist with the weather services office in Reno, Nevada.