The gorgeous trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the much-anticipated adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel, has been released for eager audiences. But we will have to be patient, because the movie doesn't open until Christmas Day -- allowing it to qualify for 2011 Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations, and no doubt it will get a few.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -- directed by Stephen Daldry -- introduces Thomas Horn in his first professional acting role after becoming a Jeapordy champion at age twelve. Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks play his character Oscar's parents -- and though the story opens after Hanks's character dies in the World Trade Center on 9/11, we see plenty of him in flashback scenes. (Watch trailer after the jump)

John Goodman, James Gandolfinini, Jeffrey Wright, Viola Davis, Max von Sydow, and Adrian Martinez round out the supporting cast. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close opens in limited release on Dec. 25, 2011 and will be widely released on Jan. 20, 2012.