Warren Christie as Ryan Kane
“Eyewitness” actor Warren Christie teased what fans can expect from future episodes after it was revealed in Season 1, episode 2 that the killer, Ryan Kane, is also an FBI agent. Shane Mahood/USA Network

USA Network’s newest thriller “Eyewitness” dropped a major twist at the end of its last night’s episode: the killer on the loose is also the newly appointed lead investigator on the triple murder case he is responsible for.

In the final minutes of Season 1, episode 2, titled “Bless the Beast and the Children,” the then-unnamed killer was revealed to be FBI Special Agent Ryan Kane (Warren Christie). He was introduced to his colleagues as someone who has been coordinating surveillance on the Turkish heroin pipeline, and since the show’s primary homicide case is believed to be drug-related by both the FBI and the Tivoli Sheriff’s Department, Ryan will oversee that case, too.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christie said that the twist at the end of the episode will bring Ryan closer to the town’s key players, and that means viewers can expect some gripping interactions between him and other characters in future episodes.

“Because the audience is going to know he’s the guy, it allowed a certain amount of play within the scenes between me and Julianne [Nicholson, who plays Tivoli Sheriff Helen Torrance],” Christie said. “It adds a wrinkle to things. You have this really strange cat-and-mouse game that at home, you know what’s going on, but in the town, as it’s all unfolding and the pieces are coming together, he’s constantly trying to stay one step up ahead.”

The 40-year-old actor added that although his character will fulfill his duties as an FBI agent, he will also make sure that no one will discover his true identity. “He’s trying to solve a problem [and] he’s also trying to keep other things going,” Christie said of his two-faced character.

As for Ryan’s baffling relationship with Bella (Katie Douglas), Christie won’t say a thing. “Leeeeeeet’s just see how this plays out...,” he wrote on Twitter in response to a fan tweet pointing out the apparent big age gap between the two characters.

“Eyewitness’” next episode, titled “Bella, Bella. Bella,” airs on Sunday, Oct. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on USA. Check out the synopsis for Season 1, episode 3 below:

“Helen seeks Agent Kamilah Davis’ (Tattiawna Jones) help in tracking potential witness Bella. Meanwhile, the boys skip school and escape to a NYC club that isn’t anything like Lukas (James Paxton) expected.”