Julianne Nicholson as Helen Torrance
Julianne Nicholson’s “Eyewitness” family couldn’t help but gush over the actress’ performance as Helen Torrance in Season 1, episode 9 of “Eyewitness.” Shane Mahood/USA Network

Julianne Nicholson delivered an outstanding performance as Helen Torrance in last night’s episode 9 of “Eyewitness.” In fact, fans and some of her “Eyewitness” family couldn’t help but gush over the actress’ portrayal of her role on Twitter.

Tyler Young, who plays Helen’s foster son Philip Shea, tweeted that Nicholson gave the “powerhouse performance of the year” in last night’s episode, titled “Savior Unknown.” Young also let the whole world know that he’s honored to get the chance to work with her and become her friend.

While live-tweeting the episode, Paxton — who portrays Lukas Waldenbeck on the USA Network series — also commended Nicholson’s performance. He even admitted that his co-star’s acting in one of the highlights of the episode was so good that it made him cry.

“Eyewitness” associate producer Jennifer Coté also tweeted that Nicholson’s performance in last night’s episode was worthy of a Screen Actors Guild recognition.

“Savior Unknown” was a big episode for Nicholson’s character. While trying to catch the killer, Ryan Kane (Warren Christie), Helen finally apologized to Philip for not trusting him and for not letting him into her life right off the bat. The former hotshot homicide detective also revealed to her husband Gabe Caldwell (Gil Bellows) why she left Buffalo City and planned to commit suicide before bumping into him for the first time. While setting a trap for the killer at the hospital, Helen also had a horrible flashback to the time a baby died in her arms.

In addition to Nicholson, Young and Paxton’s performances in the episode were also praised by executive producer Adi Hasak.

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“Eyewitness” Season 1, episode 10, titled “Mother’s Day,” airs on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 10 p.m. EST on USA Network. Check out the trailer and synopsis for the season finale below:

“Helen reels after learning the identity of the killer; when Lukas and Philip go missing, Helen races to find them.”