“Fallout 4” won’t support PS4 mods in the foreseeable future, and Bethesda has found itself in the midst of backlash for the decision. While other games tout mod support for the console, marketing VP Pete Hines recently elaborated on why it doesn’t fit Bethesda’s vision.

Over the past few days, Hines’ Twitter account has been slammed with criticism from gamers that are unhappy with the feature’s apparent cancellation. Hot off the heals of Giants Software’s confirmation that mods would work across consoles for “Farming Simulator 17,” some explanation was necessary. Why do mods work for some games but not others?

Our associates at iDigitalTimes recapped some of Hines’ tweets on the subject last week, but a few new ones have since been posted. Pete engaged with one particularly irate follower to address the discrepancy further. “It’s not the same thing,” he reiterated. Despite both features being referred to under the same name, Hines suggested that “what they contain [and] allow you to change and add” differs between titles. He also told another fan that “the term ‘mods’ covers a lot of things.” In other words, “what they’re doing is not what we do with ‘Fallout 4.’”

Similar to last week, Hines is essentially making the argument that mods may work for some PS4 games because their scope and implementation differs. While not explicitly said, it’s implied that the extent of Bethesda’s “Fallout 4” vision is much grander than “Farming Simulator’s.” In the original announcement blog, it was said that the studio wanted to make mods that allow players to do “whatever they want.” Sony apparently wasn’t willing to bend to Bethesda’s request. “Farming Simulator 17” and any future modding titles may play nicer with the hardware maker’s rules.

Bethesda has yet to comment on exactly which Sony policy made “Fallout 4” PS4 mods an impossible venture, but we recently made a list of plausible theories behind the exclusion.

“Fallout 4” is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Modding is only supported across the latter two platforms.

Is Bethesda correct to assume that the scope of “Farming Simulator 17’s” mods don’t match “Fallout 4?” Is Sony the true villain here? Tell us in the comments section!