Canadian families celebrating Thanksgiving found a black bear stealing their desserts. The incident took place at the lake resort town, Manitoba's Victoria Beach on Saturday.

About 20 diners were present at the cabin next to the one with the stored desserts that the bear sneaked into.

Lori Paige and her mom went to get the treats from the cabin, only to find themselves face-to-face with the 400-500 pound bear.

Recalling the incident, Paige said, "As we walked up the deck … my mother grabbed the handle of the door and she was just about to open it when she said 'Oh my God, there's a bear.’ And I looked and the bear was inches from her face. The screen door was in between the bear and her, and the bear was looking out directly at her."

Instead of attacking them, the bear simply continued to devour as many treats as possible.

"It was standing on his hind legs and he had eaten everything except for the pumpkin pies. We're guessing that he just didn't get to those yet because he was eventually scared off," Paige added.

The two of them backed out of the room without making much noise and ran across the yard to the neighbors. Paige added that the only sound she could remember hearing was her own breathing.

After finding out about the news, Paige's dad entered the cabin through the back door instead of the front door. After entering, he used a broom and banged on the window to scare the bear.

The bear reportedly continued to feast on the dessert treats laid out for 20 people. Eventually, the noise was enough to scare the bear away from the cabin.

As the scene unfolded, some of the diners recorded the incident from a safe distance.

"It definitely put a different twist on our Thanksgiving this year," said Paige.

The police were informed about the incident and were already aware of the bear in the area and had allegedly been searching for it after receiving a number of reports about the wandering bear.

Black bear Pixabay