‘Famous In Love’
Will Jake (Charlie DePew) and Paige (Bella Thorne) end up together in “Famous In Love” Season 2? Freeform

“Famous In Love” has just been renewed by Freeform for Season 2!

The series, which was created by “Pretty Little Liars” executive producer Marlene King, centers on Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) as she deals with her newfound fame after being cast in the movie “Locked.” In the finale episode for Season 1, viewers were left with two major cliffhangers that will be addressed in Season 2.

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In “Leaving Los Angeles,” famed reporter Barrett Hopper (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) was shot by an unknown assailant. Barrett has been working with a group of people who want to take down both Nina (Perrey Reeves) and her son, Rainer (Carter Jenkins).

Additionally, Paige also had a hard time choosing between Rainer and Jake (Charlie DePew), since both of them have some qualities that she liked in a man. Jake has been friends with Paige for a couple of years, and he’s been a constant presence in her life. Jake has been very dependable and understanding when it came to Paige.

Rainer, on the other hand, made Paige feel all sorts of new emotions and inspired her when she was close to giving up on her dream. Rainer also happens to be her onscreen love interest in “Locked,” so they work together for very long hours. However, Rainer’s fame got to his head at one point, and he tried pushing Paige away by flirting with other women.

In June, Thorne spoke with TV Line and said that she is personally rooting for Paige and Rainer. “I like Paige and Rainer together. Personally, when I’ve dated somebody not in the business, they just don’t understand. It’s easier to be with someone who understands that when I’m posting on social media all the time, it’s not just for fun. It literally pays my bills,” she said.

Thorne added that Paige will also “date” almost all of the male characters in the series, so she will have time to explore her options. “Paige gets will all the characters in the books at some point, so no one will be disappointed for too long,” she said.

The premiere date for “Famous In Love” Season 2 has not yet been announced by Freeform.