• Robin Williams’ fans flooded various platforms with birthday wishes for the late actor
  • The actor would have turned 69 on July 21
  • Williams won one Oscar, four Golden Globes, four Grammys, and two Emmys in his career

Fans of the late actor Robin Williams took to social media and shared birthday wishes to celebrate his legacy. The late Hollywood star, who died six years ago, would have turned 69 on July 21.

David Weissman, a U.S. Army veteran and a fan of Williams, shared a couple of old photos that he took with the celebrity and wrote that he was one of the fortunate people who had the “honor” to meet the actor in person. He also said that the “Good Will Hunting” star was a “supporter” of soldiers.

“I had the honor of meeting Robin Williams in Afghanistan. He was a huge supporter of soldiers. #HappyBirthdayRobinWilliams” Weismann tweeted.

One Twitter user wrote that seeing all the tweets about Williams “saddened” him and called the “Dead Poets Society” star “one of the great showmen ever.”

“Seeing all of the Robin Williams tweets today really saddened me. He was undeniably one of the great showmen ever, he’s missed,” the netizen wrote.

Another fan wrote that he had a strong relationship with Williams even though he never met him. He also said that Williams was truly a “once in a lifetime” artist.

“The relationship one has with a celebrity – i.e., a person one has likely never met or spoken with – is a strange thing but truly, I miss Robin Williams so much. Artists like that do not come along but once in a lifetime. #HappyBirthdayRobinWilliams,” the user tweeted.

Williams started his career in 1977 on the TV show “The Richard Pryor Show” and he became a regular performer in a series called “Laugh-In” later that year. However, his moment of glory came in 1988 through the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” that took his popularity to a whole new level. Williams was praised for his impeccable acting skills and was nominated for an Academy Award. He won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical earlier that year.

The esteemed actor has starred in movies like “Dead Poets Society,” “Awakenings,” “The Fisher King,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Jumanji,” “Good Will Hunting,” “Night At The Museum” and many more.

He received his first Oscar for the movie “Good Will Hunting.” Williams played the role of Dr. Sean Maguire, a psychology teacher at Bunker Hill Community College, in the film.

Apart from an Oscar, Williams won four Golden Globes, four Grammys, two Primetime Emmys, and two SAG awards.

In August 2014, the actor was found dead at his home in California. The autopsy revealed that William's death was caused by asphyxia and hanging. However, his wife Susan Williams claimed that Lewy body dementia was the main reason for the actor's untimely demise.

Here are more tweets greeting Williams on what would have been his 69th birthday:

44 Robin Williams - Getty Images
Ve Neill spent more than four hours a day turning Williams into his kid’s eccentric nanny. His prosthetic mask was actually made up of many different pieces, allowing him to be more expressive.Neill won the Best Makeup Oscar for her work on Mrs. Doubtfire. Getty Images