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  • Screenshots of Jay B's alleged DMs with an influencer went viral
  • Fans claimed to have found evidence that the alleged messages were fake
  • The screenshots were shared via a post on a South Korean online forum

Fans claimed to have found evidence that the screenshots of an alleged private conversation on Instagram between GOT7's Jay B and a South Korean fashion model and influencer may be fake.

On Tuesday, a post on a South Korean online forum showing alleged direct messages exchanged between Jay B and an influencer made rounds online. The alleged screenshots in the post, titled "The Male Idol Who Sends DMs To Non-Celebrities," showed the GOT7 member striking up a conversation with the influencer, casually asking about her interests and age.

After the post went viral, netizens mostly had negative reactions toward Jay B. However, following the leak of the alleged DMs, some fans looked into the details of the screenshots and claimed that they were faked.

The influencer, identified by Koreaboo as Instagram user y_chaeee, has since released a statement via her Instagram Story claiming that the alleged screenshots weren't manipulated and that she had only shared them with a group of close friends.

However, one fan of the idol pointed out that there is no verified checkmark symbol beside Jay B's name on the alleged DM screenshots.

The blue checkmark is supposedly visible when messaging a verified user, the fan explained.

Jay B
Screenshots from the tweet @magnetic_jb/Twitter

A second fan claimed that the screenshots were edited because the app language settings were shown in Korean, but the details were in English.

The fan also shared how messaging Jay B looks on the fan's end and compared it to the one allegedly leaked by the influencer.

A third fan also questioned the authenticity of the alleged messages. After using the Lightroom app, the fan claimed that the contrast reportedly shows that the texts and other details in the screenshots were "copy pasted/inserted in."

Jay B
Screenshot from the tweet @J16J328J1214J48/Twitter

Shortly after the first post went viral, the screenshots were shared via a separate post on the same South Korean online forum with the title, "Male Idol DM-ing A Commoner."

Jay B's alleged DMs gained mixed reactions from the netizens once again. While some criticized Jay B, a number of users questioned the intention of the influencer in uploading and leaking the screenshots.

"[I]magine DM-ing a girl who used to be in middle school 1st year during 'Dream High'... and flirting with her?" one user commented, while another one said, "The way he started asking her age is just repulsive."

"Whether he leaves the group or the group disbands, I hope he keeps getting caught red-handed with his IG DMs... A dating rumor would've been less cringe than seeing him asking, 'Do you go to the club often?' It's even more embarrassing because the woman genuinely doesn't even look interested in him," commented a third user.

Meanwhile, one user questioned the influencer's motive and said, "But what is the influencer trying to achieve by uploading these? You can tell clearly that he's trying to flirt with her, so why would she do this? And even if he did it out of boredom, why would she upload it... I'm curious."

In her statement, the influencer claimed that she didn't post the alleged screenshots for attention and that someone else had captured and spread them online.

She also insisted that nothing was going on between her and Jay B and that they "are no longer in touch." She asked that social media users stop commenting further on the matter.

Jay B
Jay B jaybnow.hr/Instagram