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  • Heechul made an appearance on a variety content series
  • The Super Junior member gave a hilarious response when asked about his drunken livestream controversy
  • The idol was previously under fire for getting drunk and swearing during a live broadcast

Heechul of Super Junior commented on his drunken livestream controversy.

Kim Hee-chul – better known as Heechul – made an appearance on TEO's variety content series, "Salon Drip," and talked about how he keeps his weight in check.

According to the South Korean idol, instead of alcohol, he cuts out carbohydrates from his diet in order to maintain his weight.

He was then asked by host Jang Do-yeon whether he has any intention of cutting off alcohol, to which he replied, "I promised my fans that I would reduce drinking."

"I very rarely drink, but when I do, I drink quietly," Heechul said, according to an English translation by Allkpop.

Shortly after, Jang brought up Heechul's drunken livestream controversy, where the idol got drunk and used foul language on camera.

Heechul first tried to change the topic in a joking manner. He then gave the host a hilarious response and said, "I have a type that I don't like. It's the people who drink alcohol and do live broadcasts while cursing ruthlessly," mocking himself.

Heechul and Jang erupted in laughter when the host asked the Super Junior member to turn on his camera in selfie mode and repeat what he said.

The 39-year-old singer was previously under fire for getting drunk and cursing during a live broadcast in February.

On Feb. 9, Heechul appeared as a guest on an Afreeca TV live broadcast by comedian Choi Goon. During the live broadcast, Heechul got drunk and cursed while commenting on a number of sensitive topics.

Choi had to turn off the microphone multiple times during the broadcast when Heechul started cursing.

While drunk, Heechul made comments about a website for women called "Women Generation," the "No Japan" movement, and his former bandmate Kangin, according to Allkpop.

When talking about "Women Generation," he said, "I've donated a large amount of money in the past, but I kept it to myself. It was okay when nobody knew that, but -—, those b— s—- people on the 'Women's Generation' online community were like..."

While talking about the boycott of Japanese products in South Korea in 2019, a drunk Heechul said, "When 'No Japan' started, I was like f— that! Isn't 'No Japan' some kind of -— that weirdos on the internet do? It's stupid as -—!"

When a viewer asked him who was the first fist fighter in Super Junior, he responded, "You're talking about the old days, right? Our Kangin really messed up. He needed someone to put him in his place. I really gave it to him hard too, but there were a few times when he got more crap than he deserved."

"I mean, he's a b—---. I scolded him for what he did. But I think there were times when I would have probably acted the same way too. Since we are celebrities, we tend to back down if people try to start something with us. But he wouldn't back down..." he continued.

He ended his long statement about Kangin by saying, "He f—-- up a lot. But to me at least, he wasn't a bad guy. He had guts. He was a good friend of mine."

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