Fans of Marvel comics’ first family just got their newest and best look at Fox’s upcoming remake of “The Fantastic Four.” A new full-length trailer (check it out below) for the Miles Teller-led action flick showcases the team’s powers and teases a few key plot details. 

With the mythos of the Fantastic Four is pretty well tread territory in the pop culture zeitgeist, the film's second trailer offers quite a bit of information in terms of how that story will be updated in the 2015 movie. It even shares some hints about how the heroes will gain their powers and what threats they will be facing. To help make sure you didn’t miss a moment in the latest trailer for “Fantastic Four,” below is a rundown of the top 5 moments in the video teaser. 

1. Boy Genius (:25)

The first trailer for this movie highlighted the impact that Reed Richards (Teller) has on the big inter-dimensional project that [SPOILER ALERT] gives the heroes their powers. However, it didn’t do much to explain why Richards is such an important figure. The new trailer opens with a young science-minded Reed explaining to his school teacher, who is played by none other than Homer Simpson actor Dan Castellaneta, that he’s going to be the first person to crack teleportation. Then it cuts to him in his quiet New York City home actually doing it. It takes him growing up into the “Whiplash” star to finally perfect the craft and send them into another world. 

2. Green New Lands (:50)

So, now that Reed has seemingly been given the finances and government thumbs up to pursue his teleportation idea, he and the rest of the Fantastic Four find themselves on a mysterious planet -- fertilized with green ooze and super powers, apparently. Not only do we get to see the land where the Fantastic Four’s powers allegedly come from, but we get to see their individual powers in action. Mr. Fantastic (Teller), The Thing (Jamie Bell), The Invisible Woman (Kate Mara) and The Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) all have at least one shining moment in the brief trailer. 

3. Dangerous And Powerful (1:20)

A superhero movie is only as good as the vegetables it feeds you. Sure people would pay good money to watch someone with super strength bash a bad guy’s head in, but there’s more to Marvel than that. According to the trailer, the movie is going to tackle the issue of what happens when the U.S. government realizes that it has four military assets on its hands that just so happen to be living, breathing people. It seems Sue and Johnny Storm’s father, Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), takes issue with his children being used as pawns or weapons. They are supposed to be scientists after all. It would take some kind of unimaginable force to bring this team together and agree to fight with their new powers -- like some kind of impending… Something.

4. One Big Crater (1:46)

Something is going to happen in this movie that puts a giant crater in the middle of the woods. It’s unclear if it’s some kind of accident on behalf of Richard’s research or something the villain does to raise the stakes of his evil plan, but something epic is in the works. Speaking of the villain...

5. Doom (2:21) 

We got our first look at the infamous Victor Domashev, A.K.A. Doctor Doom (Toby Kebbell), in the first trailer for the film. However, it seems now that we’re getting hints of his origins in the latest teaser. He seems clearly infected with the same green ooze found in the place where Reed teleports the gang in the beginning of the trailer. It’s unclear if perhaps Domashev is the fifth member of their little science project, a souvenir brought back from another world or someone who abuses the substance that Richards and the crew bring back. In any case, it’s made very clear that he becomes more powerful than any one of them combined. 

Check out the action-packed trailer below if you really want to get a sense of "Fantastic Four" as well as just how far away Aug. 7 really is. Comment your thoughts below or tweet them to @TylerMcCarthy.