The “Fantastic Four” trailer was leaked online Monday, prompting 20th Century Fox to release the HD version. In it, fans are not only treated to a rundown of the film’s plot, but are given their first look at the iconic Marvel villain that will battle the super-powered team.

The trailer didn’t exactly tread a lot of territory that wasn’t already covered when the film’s plot synopsis was released in December. However, it did give some details about the reboot’s characters. According to the new trailer, posted below, the movie will see a group of government-sanctioned scientists open a doorway to another dimension. While there, the environment mutates their bodies. This gives them abilities such as invisibility, stretchable extremities, a resistance to fire and a rock-like skeletal structure. The principal cast will be made up of Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), The Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), The Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) and The Thing (Jamie Bell).

While the general layout of the team’s origin is presented pretty well in the trailer, it is significantly less forthcoming about the battle these heroes will face with their new powers. Deadline notes that the brief trailer discussed a vague threat from a mysterious man that the team will have to stop. While it didn’t discuss the threat’s origins, it did offer a first glimpse at the key villain of “Fantastic Four”: Victor Domashev (Toby Kebbell).

Fans of Marvel comics will recognize the unmistakable green cloak and metallic facemasks as the wardrobe of choice for the infamous Doctor Doom. However, it was previously reported that the 20th Century Fox reboot would see a slightly different version of the character than most fans are used to. For one thing, his name will no longer be Victor Von Doom. The studio dropped that name in favor of the more realistic Domashev moniker. As for his origins, the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” star is only described as a former friend turned enemy.

Luckily for curious spoiler seekers, Kebbell sheds some light on his character in an interview with Collider.

“I’m a programmer. Very anti-social programmer,” he said. “And on blogging sites, I’m ‘Doom.’”

If the villain in this movie is just a lowly programmer who worked with the Fantastic Four, that would be a drastic shift from his comic book counterpart, who is the leader of the fictional sovereign nation of Latveria. It seems that the reboot is going to put our heroes against a powerful super-powered desk jockey rather than a super-powered world leader. Check out the trailer below to see the first images of Doom as well as the rest of the cast in action for the very first time.