giuliana rancic
Sources claim former "Fashion Police" co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne are at odds. Rancic reportedly feels Osbourne "threw her under the bus" by speaking out against her controversial Oscars comments. Reuters

The relationship between former “Fashion Police” co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne may be beyond repair. Osbourne has spoken out many times since Rancic's insensitive comments about Zendaya Coleman's dreadlocks at the Oscars and now it appears the 40-year-old has finally had enough.

According to Us Weekly, Osbourne “is dead to Giuliana.” The E! correspondant reportedly feels Osbourne has "thrown her under the bus" by speaking out against her. A source claims Rancic believes many of Obsbourne's cryptic tweets since the joke was made are in reference to her. On April 6 Osbourne sent a suspicious message about "liars" which many users assumed was about Rancic, although no names were mentioned.

The "Fashion Police" host was asked about the tweet during an interview with Extra, to which she replied, "there's no way that could be about me because I'm telling the truth." Us' source maintains that the post was absolutely a jab at Osbourne's former host, saying it was "no coincidence" that it appeared as Rancic began discussing the aftermath of her unfortunate joke.

"The timing of the tweet was no coincidence," the source said. "It was about Giuliana."

"Fashion Police" is on hiatus until September while the writers and producers work on restructuring. Although many sources believed the network would cancel the show, Rancic says it is “definitely coming back” and she will continue to host. She added that the controversy affirmed that people love the show and neither she nor the producers plan to let it stop them from coming back this Fall.

“I think more than ever, [“Fashion Police”] is definitely coming back, because [the controversy] shows that a lot of people were watching the show and enjoyed the show,” she told Access Hollywood. “So yeah, it’s coming back in September, in time for the Emmys.”

E! has not yet announced who will replace Osbourne or Kathy Griffin, who left the show shortly after the 30-year-old. Griffin was brought on as a replacement for Joan Rivers who tragically died in September. She appeared in just seven episodes of "Fashion Police" before announcing her resignation. Since quitting the show on February 27, Osbourne has gone on to land a gig as the host of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Rancic maintains that her joke had no racial undertones and blames the entire incident on poor editing. She alleges that she said “boho” twice during taping and made peace sign gestures with her fingers. According to her story, E! chose to cut those parts out before the show went to air.