Fatih Mosque is seen as lightning strikes over the Istanbul skyline during a thunderstorm on May 7, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

A Canadian father was toasting his daughter at her outdoor wedding in Woodstock, New Brunswick Saturday when he was struck by lightning. Instead of bringing the speech to its 'shocking' conclusion, the persistent father finished the speech and celebrated the rest of the wedding with only a scorch mark on his thumb and a wedding story for his grandchildren.

"At 3 o'clock, the father of the groom, he got up and said something, and then it was my turn," said J.P. Nadeau according to a transcript of an interview he had with CBC Radio posted Monday. "I got the mic from him, and I said, 'Adam, you are some lucky guy.'"

"As soon as I said that, my daughter's eyes, she was looking at me, and she just, like, popped right out, because all of a sudden there was this lightning flash that hit right behind me," he continued.

Nadeau said that he could then feel the electricity in his hand after it traveled through the sound booth and up through the microphone cord.

"The power went into the sound booth and came back through the mic cord, and I was looking at my hand, and it lit up. My whole hand — it was like I had a bolt of lightning in my hand," he said.

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After the initial shock, the father said that he "must have jumped" and that he felt a shock, but that he was, for the most part, okay, and had yet to see a doctor days later.

"It just ran right through me. It was crazy," Nadeau said.

He added that everyone around him was equally as stunned and that the people manning the sound booth were worried that he might "drop dead."

After the lightning struck him and the rain forced guests under a large tent, the proud father said that the wedding proceeded as usual, according to a report in the Guardian.

“We just stayed there and partied in there until it stopped raining,” he said. “It was really good.”

According to a tally by the National Weather Service, the United States has already had 5 fatalities in 2017 as the result of lightning strikes.

When asked if he takes surviving the lightning strike to be a "sign from above," the Canadian father seemed upbeat about the electrocution.

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"Well, I'm usually quite spiritual about things like that. I think it's got to be all right and anyway. There's a rumor that goes around that if it rains or thunders on your wedding day, it's a good sign," he said in the BCB interview, adding that his knee has felt better since the wedding.

"I didn’t feel anything, and everyone is amazed I’m alive," he said. "A lot of lesser men would have perished. But I don’t know how it happened that I could just walk, scot-free."