Jon Favreau, pictured with his co-star Emjay Anthony, stars as a dad reconnecting with his foodie roots and his social media savvy son in the movie "Chef," just one of the many movies ready to stream on Netflix for Father's Day. Open Road

Still recovering from the barbecue or brunch laid out for Father’s Day? If you’ve got Netflix, throw on one of these eight movies you can watch with dad. From the dramatic classic “The Bicycle Thief” to the chill charm of “Chef,” there’s plenty of movies to add to your queue.

You’re welcome to watch (or re-watch) “Bob’s Burgers” with dad until the weekend is through, but if you’re looking for something new to watch together, here’s a few movie recommendations to get on your Netflix queue for Father’s Day:

1. “Boy”
This little-seen gem from New Zealand from Taika Waititi is a world of fantasy and disappointment when the absentee father of two young boys return home to stay. At least, until their father finds the treasure he left behind. “Boy” is a cute comedy drama about coming to terms with your family, even the rascals.

2. “Instructions Not Included”
This adorable comedy stars Eugenio Derbez as a former ladies’ man now saddled with an unpredicted bundle of joy from a former girlfriend. Much like Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid,” the uncouth bachelor trades in his old ways to become the best parent he knows how to be in “Instructions Not Included.”

3. “Nebraska”
Will Forte drops the SNL shtick for Alexander Payne’s back-and-white drama “Nebraska.” His father (played by Bruce Dern) believes he's won a grand prize to be claimed in Lincoln, Nebraska. The son (Forte) decides to take his ailing father there, even though he knows it to be a fool’s errand. That’s love.

4. “Chef”
Jon Favreau put down the “Iron Man” costume to put on an apron, roll up his sleeves and jump into a food truck in this charming family comedy all centered on food. Perfect for more than just the foodie dad, “Chef” is a father-son story done right.

5. “The Bicycle Thief”
Your cinephile dad may have already seen this one, but this classic 1948 story about a father and son on a quest to recover dad’s bicycle is a timeless staple. This recommendation goes double for those who have never seen “The Bicycle Thief."

6. “Silver Linings Playbook”
Sure, it’s largely about two super handsome leads with problems (played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence), but it’s also about Cooper’s character’s relationship with his father, played by Robert DeNiro. For the father who likes his Oscar dramas, feel free to pitch him “Silver Linings Playbook.”

7. “Somewhere”
Need to spend some quality father-daughter time together? Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere” is all about reconnection and how to sustain it by following a largely absentee actor dad and his precocious pre-teen. It's also perfect to watch while lounging by the side of the pool.

8. “Oldboy”
For the terrible movie dad award, there are few other movies out there that stoop to the nightmarish levels of Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy.” You’ve been warned, it probably will make for a very awkward film to share with your father.