Federal agents reportedly know the identity of the main person responsible for hacking Scarlett Johnasson's cell phone and releasing several nude pictures of the actress.

According to TMZ, the FBI agents are closing in on the people responsible and it has received word that the feds already know the identity of the main culprit.

Nude Photos of Scarlett Johansson showed up online this week prompting the actress to call up the FBI to probe who released the pictures of her, showing her bare breasts and behind.

TMZ reported that law enforcement sources said the FBI is honing in on the group of hackers and know the identity of at least one of them, which is the ringleader.

Sources have also told TMZ that the hackers also worked on other celebrity cell phones to include Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Lindsey Vonn, Ali Larter, and Emma Caulfield.

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