Fear the Walking Dead
"Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462" episode 10 gave new information about the zombie apocalypse. AMC

Along with the shocking midseason return of “The Walking Dead” came the next installment in AMC’s new “Fear the Walking Dead” web series, “Flight 462.” The web exclusive has been slowly ramping up the stakes for nine small installments, but episode 10 finally gives fans a bit more information about the zombie apocalypse at large.

Each week during “The Walking Dead,” AMC has aired a small clip of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.” The episodes become available on the network’s website soon after they debut on TV, but those that download the official AMC mobile app are privileged with seeing each new episode of the story early. Going along with that trend, those who download the app on their Android, iOS or Windows Phone-enabled device can watch episode 10 of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” right now for free ahead of Sunday’s premiere.

After last week’s episode introduced the first walker to the plane full of terrified passengers, he managed to bite a flight attendant before an air marshal, with the help of a mysteriously zombie-savvy young lady, subdued him in the bathroom. Episode 10 focuses on the aftermath of that bite, as the young woman implores the air marshal to tie the attendant down before treating her wound. She tells him point-blank that what happened to the man would soon happen to her. When the air marshal sees the attendant exhibiting signs of a fever already, he agrees.

However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for his precocious cohort, who chills everyone within earshot to the bone by demanding that the flight attendant call the pilot and instruct him to land the plane. That’s when the recently-bit victim delivers the bad news — the zombie outbreak has spread nationwide.

In a previous episode of the web series, the flight made it to its destination in Phoenix only to watch the lights go out in the entire city. It turns out that the situation wasn’t localized to that one location. Apparently, the pilot has informed the flight attendant that whatever is going on below is taking place at every airport in the area, meaning the flight has nowhere to land.

With one full walker on the plane and another on the way, it’s easy to see how things in the sky are about to get very out of hand very quickly. It’s unclear if a lack of fuel, an attack from zombie or human passenger panic will be what dwindles the number of passengers down to one. However, when the “Flight 462” web series was announced, news broke that only one passenger would survive to go on and join the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” in Season 2, which begins April 10.

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